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Review: Dr. Teals Foaming Bath by Shannon N. Posted Mon 13 Jun 2011 12:45pm Like a lot of you, I am getting ready for swimsuit season by cleaning up my diet and hitting the gym extra hard and the days when I don’t make it to the gym, I log in 3-5 miles running.  The endorphins that I get from running and super intense workouts have been great mentally, but physically my muscles feel fatigued and sore ( I have an evi ... Read on »
Weekly update w/o August 8. Tick tock tick tock by KFloortime Lite Mama Posted Wed 12 Aug 2009 12:00am Well I have not done this for a while !! While this is probably boring to read - I really like having a record. Sometimes reading a journal is like looking at pictures of your vacation. For a minute you are there and feeling what you felt. Saturday R did his therapy in the morning while I cooked – in the afternoon we went downto ... Read on »
14 Months, 12 Races by megarunr Posted Wed 02 May 2012 9:41am 14 Months Our LilRunr is nearly 14 months old. Every day, I must acknowledge that I am mothering a TODDLER rather than a BABY. This young man gains coordination and dexterity daily. He’s fixated on climbing right now, and will attempt to climb and stand on any object–living or not–in the house. The couch, his toys, the bath tub, Scott or I, t ... Read on »
Better Bath & Body: Everyday Shea Moisturizing Shea Butter Bubble Bath by Nutritionista Posted Mon 09 Sep 2013 3:52pm Note: I purchased this product with my own monies. I promise to let you all know if I ever review a product that I didn’t buy myself! When did stores stop carrying bubble bath?! Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t been able to find plain old bubble bath at a drugstore or Target-type place in a long time. I usually end up using body wash as bub ... Read on »
Peat Bath Hyperthermia Treatments: How to take a peat bath by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Posted Sat 25 Oct 2008 4:48pm 1 Comment Balneo Peat Series Bathing Instructions: The Balneo Peat Bath is a therapeutic full body treatment. When properly prescribed and performed, patient safety is met and beneficial outcomes result. Indications: Musculoskeletal pain (perhaps useful for acute or chronic – evaluate) Post-workout soreness (perform after ex ... Read on »
Review: ME! bath Bath Ice Cream by Shannon N. Posted Sun 27 Jul 2008 2:08pm My kids absolutely love when they get included in on reviewing bath products and this time it was Brody’s turn to try out a bath time treat. What better treat than ME! bath Bath Ice Cream inStrawberry Kiwi. He wasn’t sure what to think at first when I put in the pink round scoop of Bath Ice Cream into his bath tub. The scoop immediately began ... Read on »
Peat Bath Bathing Instructions by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Posted Sat 25 Oct 2008 4:48pm CAUTION: Read all instructions. Serious disorders of the central nervous system, acute urethrocystitis, pregnancy, any heart condition, fever, serious inflammatory skin diseases, heat sensitivity, open skin injury, bleeding, oncoids or possible thromboses, please consult with your physician before taking a peat bath. If you feel too hot and dizzy ... Read on »
Mr. "I-hate-baths" asked for a bath? by Danette Patient Expert Posted Wed 06 May 2009 1:27pm Yep, this weekend, Bitty totally surprised me by actually heading upstairs and saying "baf?" Of course I was more than happy to accomodate him, considering it usually takes WWIII to get him even in the vicinity of a bathtub. Turns out he wanted to play with the green "wah-er can" (and kept trying to pour water onto the floor, nice). Who knows wh ... Read on »
Bath Tub Fun with the Organic Terry Bath Mit From Eco-Artware by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Thu 14 May 2009 4:59pm 1 Comment I love the handcrafted, unique and cool things that eco-artware carry in their online store. Baskets made from recycled chopsticks, coasters made from old records, and cute stuffed animals made from recycled sweaters. They have recently added organic terrycloth bath mits. This cute Solar Polar Cub  hand mitten  is going to be a hit with my ... Read on »
Babies, Bubble Bath, and Bad Science: Do Baby Bath Products Cause Cancer? by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 11 Jun 2009 6:59pm So now we're supposed to throw out baby bath products? If you believe what you've been reading about these chemical-laced shampoos and lotions you may hesitate the next time you plop the baby into the warm (but not too warm) water. Maybe you read " Group Finds Carcinogen in Kids Bath Products" in USA Today. Here's the not-so-subtle opening: ... Read on »