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Making Money from the Swine Flu – Shirts and Games Appear on the Web by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 30 Apr 2009 1:48pm With the way advertising works today and the internet, it didn’t take long for shirts and games to appear.  If you don’t get enough with just the daily news updates, you can now  entertain yourself too.  We just can’t get away from entertaining ourselves it appears, no matter what the topic is.  Perhaps this is a way to relieve stress levels?  ... Read on »
MMA Fight – Advanced Technique to Optimize Your MMA Training by Kodjoworkout Posted Wed 18 Apr 2012 7:00am When I was a kid I always thought that the professional athletes knew something we didn’t and that is what made them so good. However, rarely is that the case and even though we like to fantasize about it. That one perfect workout routine that will instantly make you into the elite athlete you have always wanted to be and the world of MM ... Read on »
Fellow Fighter Jettychan by megse5 Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Apr 2009 12:34am I have never been asked to share my story by someone before. Although, I have been working on a Photo mural book since I was diagnosed, no one has ever really cared about my story. In reality, most people I meet are surprised to hear I am in remission even though I have never hidden it. I assume it is strange to see someone happy and he ... Read on »
‘Festing and tomorrow’s Flash! by GroettumMama Posted Thu 24 Jun 2010 1:00pm Last night we hit up Rochesterfest for their family fun night. See this innocent face? Clueless about the crowds & greasy foods about to come his way! It wasn’t long before he had a stroller tray full of calorie packed fish & chips. It was delish! I hesitated about putting him on this ride. Yes, it we ... Read on »
Fellow Fighter Joni by megse5 Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Apr 2009 12:34am Joni was strong enough to share her story with me for submission to our GTB Fights Cancer blog. When I read her story it reminded me so much of my journey. I felt so alone during my battle. Reading that someone else shares some of my experiences makes me feel sad on one hand and comforted on the other. WE ARE NOT ALONE! So many woman fight this ... Read on »
Fellow Fighter Kelly by megse5 Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Apr 2009 12:34am Today's guest post was written by a friend of mine from high school. She has had a difficult journey and is currently fighting breast cancer. Please read what she wrote and leave her a comment. If you want to know more about Kelly you can visit her blog at I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age ... Read on »
Fellow Fighter Lindsey aka Lynz by megse5 Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Apr 2009 12:34am I like to share with everyone other people's stories, if they let me. Today is Lindsey's Birthday and she has kindly allowed me to share her story with you. Please read what she has written, comment and wish her a happy birthday :) Another Chapter in my Book: A Survivor's Story By Lindsey aka Lynz I was too young, acco ... Read on »
Mister B's Midnight Serenade by Nurse William Registered Nurse Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 6:52pm The shift had been an exciting one from the time I arrived. I had some very challenging and complex patients for the first half; all but one of them ended up in our ICU. The one exception was sent to a higher level trauma center for his injuries. That patient was a teenaged Homo jackassii who had attempted to car surf and had managed to get up to s ... Read on »
NEW MEXICO: A Sojourn Across the Great Divide of Time, Digging Through Strata of Culture and History, Uncovering Layers of Consc by Gambolin Man Posted Sun 11 Apr 2010 1:42pm "This land, the plants, the hills and mountains mean a lot to us. It is home - full of peace and harmony. At times it is dry, other times there is rain and snow. I belong to this place." - Donald Suina, Pueblo de Cochiti Phanerozoic Time Scene: the Paleozoic era, 500 million to 250 million years ago. A vast shallow ocean ... Read on »
Another Cervical Cancer Story (written by "H" who allowed me to share her story with all of you!) by megse5 Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Apr 2009 12:35am 1 Comment I've decided to have a guest poster once a week. While I started this blog to share my story my main goal was to raise awareness. I have met so many wonderful fighters and survivors since I started my blog. There are so many stories out there that need to be told and heard. Here is the first story provided by a brave, strong & inspirationa ... Read on »