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Live fit, be fit, AbFitt! Fit /school..biceps training by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Mar 2010 6:01pm What people commonly refer to as the biceps are actually two distinct muscles: the biceps brachii and the brachialis. Both muscles run along the front of the upper arm, from the shoulder to the elbow. The biceps brachii is responsible for the ball-like "head" on your biceps; the brachalis is the larger of the two, located underneath th ... Read on »
CogniFit (MindFit, DriveFit) raises USD 5 million by Alvaro F. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 02 Aug 2008 8:15am From the website of the investing venture capital firm, Milk Capital: Milk Capital invests USD 5 million in CogniFit -July 31st, 2008. "Milk Capital invest USD 5M in Cognifit, a company specialized in cognitive and brain softwareThe solutions developed by CogniFit are designed to be applied to a large number of fields, such as healthcare, ... Read on »
Fitness. Fitness. Workout. (life) Healthy Eating. Fitness. Vision Board. (life) Meditation. Fitness. by Carla B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 24 Nov 2008 1:47am 1 Comment Subtitle: please tell me Im not alone in this, People. And please to laugh at with me. Please to laugh as the hygienist certainly did not. ( Kym? consider this your there’s a VIDEO POSTED ABOVE alert!) Read on »
Think Fit, Act Fit, Be Fit... by Rono (MindNMuscleFitness) Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 06 Jul 2009 6:06pm When it comes to health and fitness, 95% of dieters fail and less than 15% of Americans exercise on a daily basis. Why is this? You can scour the entire Earth, Internet, all the magazines, DVDs, diet/exercise books for the best information and so-called fitness or weight management secrets. However, with all this information and resources avai ... Read on »
DriveFit (CogniFit); Brain Fitness Program for Driving by Alvaro F. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 29 Mar 2008 12:00am 1 Comment Driving as Next Brain Fitness Application?  Last month, at the MIT/ SmartSilvers event where we presented our , we discussed what specific applications, beyond the current emphasis on healthy aging, might take computerized cognitive training to a new level.   Assessing and improving driving skills would be a top candidate, give ... Read on »
Fit, Fit, Fit! by jothyr Posted Mon 12 Jan 2009 12:00am For the amputee, what are priorities 1, 2 and 3? Trick question. The answer is fit, fit and fit! I have lived with a prosthesis for 36 years and for all the fancy technologies we talk about for feet, ankles and knees, none of them are worth a hoot if the socket doesn't fit perfectly. And I mean perfectly. Never accept poor fit. Go find a be ... Read on »
Live fit, be fit, ABFITT! Fit facts.... by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 10 Feb 2010 4:57pm Get Rid Of Fake Food & Go For Fiber! * “Cut out all refined grains and highly processed foods like crackers, white breads and baked goods. They’re generally filled with empty calories and offer little nutritional benefit. In the form of food, aim for 20-25 grams per day of fiber. Fiber = fullness, a real aide in weight loss. Look ... Read on »
Live fit, be fit, ABFITT! Fit /school...... by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 21 Feb 2010 3:28pm What is your philosophy on nutrition? 10 basic rules. 1. Food should be natural, fresh, pure, and whole. I only recommend eating whole foods that are left in their natural, un-altered state because these foods are the highest in nutritional value. I try to avoid all processed foods, (especially white flour pasta, white bread, a ... Read on »
3 Tips to Fit Fitness in Your Schedule from Fitness Expert J.J. Virgin by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 10 May 2010 12:00am 1 Comment People often say that they just don’t have time to fit a workout into their schedule. Acclaimed fitness and nutrition expert J.J. Virgin—who appears Wednesday at 2 pm EST on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show —says you can fitness into your busy day. JJ Virgin—the author of the new book, Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy —kind ... Read on »
Lean, muscular, & fit for life. Starts with education. RichFit/Fit School. by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Sat 14 Aug 2010 4:52pm All this obsessing about weights and measurements, although necessary to a degree, can keep you from focusing on the important numbers the ones in your nutrition program.* Note I said nutrition plan, when I say or write about diet I am speaking of proper nutrition & supplementing. I do not believe in those trendy informercial quick fixes, so ... Read on »