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Finasteride and the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Posted Wed 17 Sep 2008 1:25am Waa … ayy back in the 1980s there was a lot of excitement in the research community about the potential of a new drug that was supposed to be able to shrink the size of men’s prostates as they grew older. That drug was finasteride (originally marketed in 1993 as Proscar for benign prostatic hyperplasia and later also as Propecia for treatment of ... Read on »
Finasteride and prostate cancer prevention: an opportunity for advocacy by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Posted Sun 28 Sep 2008 5:40pm Today’s New York Times article (right on the front page) is going to “heat up” the finasteride debate. With the key editorialist (Peter Scardino, MD) changing his opinion, the PCPT trial results are now clear: finasteride does reduce risk for prostate cancer by 25-30 percent, and does not increase risk for aggressive disease. (For those who h ... Read on »
Greenstone Announces Voluntary Nationwide Recall Of Citalopram And Finasteride Due to Possible Mislabeling by FDA Posted Sun 27 Mar 2011 3:19pm FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company. Contact: Pfizer Inc. 1-800-438-1985 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 26, 2011 - Greenstone LLC annou ... Read on »
Is anyone an appropriate candidate for finasteride therapy to prevent prostate cancer today? by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Posted Wed 17 Sep 2008 1:25am Given the results of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, which were controversial at the time of their publication, and still give rise to heated discussion in the urology community, it is a fair question to ask whether there are any men who are appropriate candidates for finasteride therapy to prevent prostate cancer today. Let’s look at th ... Read on »
Finasteride in prevention of prostate cancer: an important update by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 4:46pm In a new analysis of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) trial data, published in Urology this month, Thompson et al.  make the definitive recommendation that, Finasteride significantly reduced prostate cancer risk regardless of the level of this risk, … this suggests that finasteride exerts both treatment and preventive effects. ... Read on »
Finasteride, PSA doubling time, and intermittent hormone therapy by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Posted Wed 07 Jul 2010 12:00am For years, some clinicians have been telling their patients to use a 5α-reductase inhibitors (5-ARIs) like finasteride or dutasteride as a form of “bridge” therapy to extend their periods of time off primary hormone therapy while being treated with intermittent hormone therapy or IHT. The problem has always been that ther ... Read on »
Citalopram And Finasteride by Greenstone: Recall - Possible Mislabeling by FDA Posted Mon 28 Mar 2011 9:15am [Posted 03/28/2011] AUDIENCE: Risk Manager, Pharmacy, Family Practice ISSUE: Greenstone LLC announced a recall of medicines with lot number FI0510058-A on the label. Bottles labeled as Citalopram (used to treat depression) may contain Finasteride (used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia). Wom ... Read on »
The new finasteride challenge study by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor Posted Mon 28 Mar 2011 12:00am A new clinical trial being run by some of the investigators who originally coordinated the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial is investigating whether a brief period of finasteride therapy (“finasteride challenge”) can help to distinuish between patients at serious risk for prostate cancer and those who don’t even need a biopsy. ... Read on »
Prostate Drug Finasteride Helps Urinary Problems by Medline Plus Posted Wed 06 Oct 2010 1:17pm Wednesday, October 6, 2010    By Frederik Joelving NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Long-term use of the drug Proscar cuts the need for surgery in men with enlarged prostates, according to a new analysis that pooled the best available research on the medication. ... Read on »
Contemplating The Potential Sexual Side-effects Of Finasteride by humanremyhair Posted Wed 31 Oct 2012 3:58am And that means you could question yourself what is the top hairloss items around the marketplace and greatest ways of cheap hair clip in colors thinning avoidance so far? In this particular is report we'll reduce proper to the chase on your own very best alternatives. Hair loss prevention has become elevated recently because of the improvement of c ... Read on »