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The Intrusive Male Fertility Test Why Is It Considered Necessary? by just 4 families Patient Expert Posted Tue 07 Sep 2010 6:56am Following a consultation, the next step in the male fertility test is a semen analysis test. From the results of this test, the doctor will be able to find out whether infertility is caused by low sperm count and/ or motility. You may also be asked for a urine sample, to check on the effect of smoking, alcohol and prescription or recrea ... Read on »
Can Medical Fertility Treatments Be Dangerous? by Hethir R. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 05 Jan 2010 10:17pm After trying to conceive for many months unsuccessfully, many couples will turn to a fertility specialist for help. For the most part, they will have to undergo various tests before a fertility treatment plan is established. Such a plan could include the use of Clomid, or doing an IUI or IVF, or perhaps Laparoscopic surgery if the woman h ... Read on »
Gardasil and What You Should Know by Lisa .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 16 Oct 2009 10:01pm The controversial HPV vaccine distributed by the drug manufacturer Merck, is receiving a lot of negative publicity lately. The controversy actually began back in 2007 when the republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry, mandated that little girls receive the vaccine prior to starting the sixth grade. Governor Perry made the executive decision t ... Read on »
Bio Serum Intensive by Josh Patient Expert Posted Wed 30 Jun 2010 5:22pm Bio Serum Intensive Introduction             India has approximately one billion animals for a billion humans. We need less animals to sustain our present productivity if proper gene propagation and animal reproduction methods used. Our per animal production is much less. Inspite of this weakness our per unit cost of production o ... Read on »
News from the Field by Angiebestboss Health Maven Posted Sat 15 Nov 2008 1:26pm Good News!   I just got back from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in San Francisco.   ASRM this year was overflowing with great information and wonderful people.   I just couldn’t wait to get back and share all that is going on.   There is way too much to share everything, but here are some of the highlights…. ... Read on »
About 40% of cases of infertility are the end result of difficulty with a low sperm count by winter1101 Posted Mon 28 Jan 2013 12:41pm Man infertility can be caused by depression, stress, and insomnia. They’re anti-inflammatory medications, analgesics and Prostatitis treatment. Other things like performance pressure, exposure to extreme heat, ill-fitting underwear, and even large amounts of cycling can cause low sperm count and other issues with men’s fertility too. Natur ... Read on »
Gynecologists , infertility and TB by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 28 May 2014 10:22pm Indian gynecologists seem to be extremely fond of making  a "diagnosis " of genital TB at the drop of a hat ! I saw an interesting patient today . She was completely confused, because she had been to many gynecologists, each of whom had given her a different opinion. She had done a workup for her primary unexplained  infertility. A ... Read on »
Testicular Biopsy To Determine Absence of Sperm Prior To TESE & IVF by Edward Ramirez, MD Posted Fri 15 Jan 2010 12:00am Question: Dear Dr. Ramirez, My husband was born with exstrophy of the urinary bladder (in 1965 before some of the advances in that area), and as a result has had numerous surgeries, etc. He believes he used to have normal ejaculation before a major surgery in 1990; he does not now (none at all). A number of years ago (before ... Read on »
Best of Untypically Jia 2013! by Untypically Jia Posted Wed 11 Dec 2013 12:46pm Getting sentimental looking back over the last year and seeing how things have changed. Thought I'd put together a little post on my favorite and most popular blog posts from 2013! An Epic Birthday  - Matt's Epic Meal Time Themed 29th Birthday I'd Like to Schedule My Epidural Now Please  - Fertility Testing Begins Hormonal Hys ... Read on »
Progesterone Fertility Q&A by Hethir R. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 22 Feb 2010 10:04pm 1 Comment Q: How should you use progesterone if you are trying to conceive? A: The basic rule is to follow the instructions on the bottle. You want to mimic your natural cycle as much as possible. For most uses you would begin to use progesterone by using this calculation Figure out the first day of your period. Subtract two weeks. That day woul ... Read on »