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WXRJ Interview Minding My Business With Felicia Shaw by Karen H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 19 Sep 2011 2:57pm A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Life Coach  Felicia Shaw of local radio station WXRJ. Her weekly program “MInding Your Business” is brought to its listeners by the Black Business Alliance and provides aspiring entrepreneurs and established entreprenuers the tips, tools and resources to grow their businesses. My interview with ... Read on »
Blessings from Felicia Weinberg by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Fri 22 May 2009 11:58pm Enjoy life both in your dreams and in actuality. May you look at the world with new eyes each day and find possible adventure around every corner you approach.  May you choose to follow those adventures on a daily basis, even if they are only the adventures of your mind, enjoyed from the safety of the recliner in your own living room. by Fel ... Read on »
Meet Willie Crawford and Felicia Slattery: A Twitpic that’s now on my self help blog too. by Dr. Elisabeth Kuhn Doctor of Philosophy Posted Mon 01 Sep 2008 7:22pm Meet Willie Crawford, one of my favorite internet marketers (I met him in person in Vegas in January). This is just such a great photo so when I came across it on Twitter — a Twitpic — and there was a button that said “put it on your website” I couldn’t resist. And I started a whole new category on my self help blog: My Virtual Friends! Coz a ... Read on »
Felicia's Story: raw after gastric bypass by Dhrumil Purohit Patient Expert Posted Sun 14 Sep 2008 5:30pm Wow...this is really powerful stuff! Via Allison & Raw Odyssey: To: WLIR I thought I would let you know that yesterday and today’s posts concern Felicia, a woman who underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost over 150 lbs but still had to deal with food addictions that caused her to start regaining weight two years later. People ... Read on »
Kick-Sugar Success Story: Felicia Desrosiers by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 8:11pm Kick-Sugar Success Story: Felicia Desrosiers, Brooklyn, New York Age:          27            Height:  5'4"       Weight Now:   110          Occupation: Certified Holistic Health Counselor Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, making collages, photography, yoga, walking, running, dancing, b ... Read on »
Felicia's Baby Shower by Liz Posted Fri 01 Aug 2008 12:00am What a fun day this was....I am so happy for Felicia, Mike and Jacob and can't wait to meet new little Benjamin. Felicia's sister organized the shower, and I helped out as I could and where ever needed. I was also very happy to be able to contribute a couple of diaper cake to the decorations. It really was a wonderful shower and I was very happy ... Read on »
Interview with a Nutritarian: Felicia by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor Posted Mon 29 Apr 2013 1:00pm Felicia didn’t own a scale, and she had stopped going to the doctor because she didn’t want to get on one. Then one day Felicia was visiting her sister and decided to weigh herself. She was shocked to discover that she weighed almost 350 lbs! Thankfully, soon after that she was channel surfing and found the local PBS station broadcasting Dr. Fu ... Read on »
Felicia Day on developing multiple talents: “I have a little obsessive-compulsive personality.” by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 15 Oct 2009 10:00pm Actor, writer, producer Felicia Day says, “I don’t think I ever knew I wasn’t a geek” in the Girls Go Geek video below [posted on Amber Mac - site of Amber MacArthur.] In his Wired interview article How Felicia Day Recruited Millions for Her Guild, Gus Mastrapa notes, Felicia Day’s stardom wasn’t handed down to her from on high by Hollywoo ... Read on »
Comment on Pregnancy After Endometrial Ablation And Tubal Reversal by Felicia by Dr. Gary Berger Medical DoctorFacebook Posted Wed 23 Dec 2009 6:01am I’m 45 years old and currently engaged. After my 2nd child in 1985 I had a my tubes tied. Three years ago I had the endometrial ablation done. I want to have another baby. Is it possible? Read on »
Comment on Simone France Review & GIVEAWAY! *Closed* by FeliciaFibro by Jamee .. Posted Thu 15 Nov 2012 1:22am My favorite way would be to get a pedicure – all that filing, massage, moisturizing, exfoliating Read on »