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A Weekend In Review & Feeling Confused… by WithASideOfHope Posted Mon 10 Oct 2011 7:26am Good Morning!  Happy Monday!  I can hardly believe that it’s Monday already.  I know some of you lucky people are off from work today for Columbus Day.  You are so lucky.  I wish I was still in bed sleeping instead of being at work.  I got woken up in the middle of the night from hearing noises from upstairs.  It was so loud.  I couldn’t sleep ... Read on »
attention high achievers. ever feel overwhelmed + confused? kinda stuck? how to tap your instincts + get back in the flow by Lindsey Lewis Patient Expert Posted Tue 16 Aug 2011 8:08pm Here’s some kickers that might ring true for you: You’ve got to make lists, set deadlines, map it out, make it happen. Aint nothin’ gonna go down unless it’s in your daytimer/Blackberry/iPhone. I what? Exactly. Where’s the ‘I’ in all of that? Or rather, where’s the ‘you’? You’ve got the master plan. You’ve got the blueprint. It’s not in ... Read on »
Helping the Dieter Feel at Home in “Thin Country” by Dr. Judith Wurtman Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Sat 14 Apr 2012 10:30am At a dinner with friends a few days ago, someone commented that his parents would not even recognize some of the foods we were consuming. “My father insisted on red meat at least six times a week,” he said. “If he saw this seaweed salad and brown rice, he would assume it was for our pet bird.” Indeed, if one compares the way people ate 50 ... Read on »
(Dodgy) Men Translated: I Don’t Know How I Feel About You, I’m Suspicious of White People & Other Often Outrageous S by NML Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Jun 2010 9:48am Since last week, there’s been a lot of comments and questions about what are quite frankly at times outrageous statements no matter what the context is. What men have been saying to you is very revealing and I hope that over the past few posts, you’ve been getting the core message: When someone tells you who they are or shows you though th ... Read on »
Ratios and Raw Emotions by Jennifer B. Posted Thu 18 Feb 2010 7:08am I am feeling so confused today. I have been logging all of my food over at My Fitness Pal but I am very confused at the ratios that they have set there. I feel the carbs are too high and the protein is too low. I am always over on protein and under on carbs. When I look online at various sites the info is so conflicting. Does anyone k ... Read on »
Emotional Recycling by Susan Patient Expert Posted Thu 09 Jun 2011 5:41am “Grief is a spiral. But am I going up or coming down?” ~ C.S. Lewis There is a standard body of grief and loss literature but it’s still evolving. Still, I’ve read most of it over the past 15 years or so. I’ve written countless papers and 3 college theses on grief. One thing that researchers do agree on is that grie ... Read on »
Protect Your Emotional Wellbeing With These Aromatherapy Essential Oils by Shilah C. Azib Posted Wed 23 Jun 2010 2:52am There are certain scents that can help improve your emotional well being. When you use essential oils with aromatherapy, then you are on your way to making your mind healthy and active. While there are many essential oils out there that you can buy, there are some that are better than others to help your emotional well being. Here i ... Read on »
Can Dementia Patients Feel Our Vibes ? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Tue 10 Dec 2013 12:20pm When the deeply forgetful get confused and start feeling out of sorts, they can't remember why they are confused, or "bent out of shape". This is the problem. By Bob DeMarco +Alzheimer's Reading Room You the Alzheimer's caregiver can make your loved one - worse. You can make them mean. It might not be intentional, but y ... Read on »
Hidden Pieces: Floating & Confusion by Clueless C. Health Maven Posted Thu 12 Aug 2010 12:00am ***TRIGGER WARNING***  ***TRIGGER WARNING*** I decided to begin retelling what I wrote to my therapist and I in the Winter/Spring of 2007 after four years of intense flashbacks and repressed memories emerging. [Current commentary is in brackets.]  I wrote my seventy page "biography" because I needed to write out what I ... Read on »
Alzheimer's Patients Often Feel Abandoned by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Sun 29 Jul 2012 9:59am When I left Dotty alone she quickly became scared, confused, anxious, and I soon learned she feared that I was going to abandon her. By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room Does you Alzheimer's patient get angry, act mean, and start accusing you of things that just were not true? Any of these? Do you leav ... Read on »