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Talking With Children About Ovum Donation 2009 AFA by pvedmom Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 11 Jun 2009 8:11pm Talking With Children About Ovum Donation 2009 from the AFA Talking with Children about Ovum Donation Introduction The first birth of a child conceived through ovum donation occurred in 1984. Since then an increasing number of fertility patients have used egg donation to become parents. As a result the number of children born via egg ... Read on »
Love and Homeopathy by NaturalHomeopathicHealth Posted Thu 30 Aug 2012 9:45pm To theorize about the abstract idea of love, which transforms into the action of loving is not the purpose of this article. Instead , what I intend to do is introduce some homeopathic remedies that act in the sphere of that beautiful feeling that is not only the remedy to all problems, but is also the cause.  It´s mere existence in the life of an ... Read on »
One step forward, two steps backwards…far backwards by Carrie Ostrea Posted Fri 04 Nov 2011 2:00am I feel like I am living a nightmare right now. It has come to the point now that I dread seeing Hannah start to wake up because she most likely will wake up uncomfortable, her movements going uncontrollably, and most of all, seeing her writhe in pain from whatever is causing the pain. We have made a lot of changes to her med regimen in ... Read on »
Hands-Only Bystander CPR Saving Lives in Arizona by Medline Plus Posted Tue 05 Oct 2010 1:16pm Tuesday, October 5, 2010    By Frederik Joelving NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A massive Arizona campaign to get bystanders to do hands-only CPR if they see someone collapse appears to have paid off, state officials said on Tuesday. ... Read on »
One in Four Parents to Face a First Aid Emergency (Press Release) by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert Posted Thu 16 Feb 2012 12:00am – New online training campaign to help improve parents’ first aid skills – 81% of parents in the UK don’t have the knowledge required to administer basic first aid to a baby or a child although one in four will have to deal with an emergency first aid situation. New research* by Tesco Baby & Toddler Club also reveals ... Read on »
Fear, anxiety or phobia? by David M. Posted Sat 16 Feb 2013 5:00am Is it fear, anxiety or have you developed a phobia?  The textbooks tell us there is a difference between Fear and Anxiety. The researchers use some specific criteria to differentiate the two. In our own lives, even without looking it up in the dictionary we know if we are anxious or in fear. Like so many other words, fear and anxiety ... Read on »
Anxiety – fears and phobias can be treated by David M. Posted Sun 15 Jul 2012 10:13pm Are you afraid of spiders, snakes or public speaking? If you are afraid of a particular thing or situation and go to lengths to avoid that thing you may well have a Specific Phobia. Specific phobia involves the fear that a particular thing is going to harm you. This fear maybe irrationally strong even when you have never been harmed this w ... Read on »
Overcome healthcare fears with courageous leadership by Tony - Hospital Impact Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 05 Jan 2012 1:58pm by Thomas Dahlborg These are challenging times in healthcare--an obvious observation. Perhaps not so obvious is the fear that exists in the healthcare system. People are scared. Patients are scared. Your staff is scared. Maybe as leaders you are scared. The fear throughout the system is palpable. It is tangible. It is harmful. It ... Read on »
Anxious ? Acupuncture Can Provide Relief by Tcm007 Posted Sun 02 Jan 2011 11:09am Do you have anxiety? Acupuncture can help, it takes the connection between the body and mind into consideration. Chinese medicine is practiced with the belief that imbalances in the body can cause anger, fear, sadness, joy and worry, these emotions can cause harm to the body over time. Acupuncture has the potential to affect serotonin a ... Read on »
Freeing Your Child from Anxiety: Powerful, Practical Solutions to Overcome Your Child’s Fears, Worries, and Phobias by Untreatable .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 08 May 2012 8:26pm Anxiety is the number one mental health problem facing young people today. Childhood should be a happy and carefree time, yet more and more children today are exhibiting symptoms of anxiety, from bedwetting and clinginess to frequent stomach aches, nightmares, and even refusing to go to school. Parents everywhere want to ... Read on »