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Cheeks - Radiesse vs. Fat Grafts vs Bone Grafts by AlexanderRivkinMD Patient Expert Posted Sat 06 Jun 2009 12:04am Hi please can you answer these questions to the best of your knowledge and expertise, thanks can radiesse be used into cheekbones so i could i get an exact match as the other cheekbone, could this lead to further problems? If i was to get fat grafts to build up parts of scraped away cheekbone due to surgery would it be a surgic ... Read on »
How to lose or gain Chubby Cheeks? {Health} by Perfectskincare C. Facebook Posted Thu 05 Jan 2012 1:30pm [Source:] Sometime back, I had done a post on 3 places for fat accumulation, a reader has asked me how to get chubby cheeks. So, I started doing a post on that but somehow, the losing and gaining of cheek fats is very inter-related so I thought I shall address them together. Lean Cheeks and Sunken CheeksSome people are na ... Read on »
Chubby Cheeks by Nutritious Foodie Posted Tue 23 Mar 2010 9:56am Everyone loves a baby with chubby cheeks..   I mean isn’t that one of the measures of cuteness when you are a baby… “oh look at those chubby cheeks”.    Personally I always thought the chubby cheeks meant the baby is eating plenty, therefore is getting plenty of nutrients so Chubby Cheeks = Healthy Baby.    Well not so much! As I was doing ... Read on »
Chubby Cheeks by Lian Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:40pm This is my little chubby cheeks at 3 months old. Danic went for his immunization jab today. We went to the Klinik Desa here at Puncak Alam and it was FREE. How nice. They weighed him at 8kg and pronounced him obese. Hahaha. Oh no, I have an obese baby. And all he has is breastmilk. Furthermore, he hasn't been feeding as much as ... Read on »
Chubby Cheeks by Josh Hopkins Posted Thu 01 Jul 2010 6:54am Lucy's sweet, squeezable chubby cheeks. Read on »
One More Reason Not to Call Yourself Fat by Diane, Fit to the Finish Posted Fri 30 Mar 2012 5:16am The old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” has been proven false time after time again. It turns out that the terms you use to refer to yourself may also impact your mental and emotional health, according to a recent survey directed by  a group of students from the University of Arizona at Tucs ... Read on »
Say no to ONJ by Paula K Posted Fri 28 Jan 2011 12:00am I am pleased to report that following my trip to the dentist today I apparently have fat cheeks (on my face) but no ONJ. After enquiring how my dentist was settling in, having only qualified last summer, Dr F asked what he could do for me.  ’I'd like you to tell me I don’t have osteonecrosis.’ Dr F:  ’Someone been on the internet?’ ... Read on »
Illusions of an Anorexic. by Poker Face Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 5:08pm This is a picture I drew while in treatment this last time. It's how I would visually describe anorexia. It honestly feels like there is a little demon in my head whispering to me constantly about how fat, ugly and stupid I am. It tells me I could be so much better if only I were thinner. It distorts my image in the mirror so all I can see is my f ... Read on »
How to Lose Face Fat and Double Chin? by Nick Mutt Posted Mon 03 Aug 2009 6:43am Do you have fat deposited on your face and chin area? Do you want to get rid of them? You have come to the right article. Read this article and find how you can lose face fat and double chin without surgery. Chubby cheeks look cute only up to a certain age after which they are given appropriate term ‘face fat’. Not only do these layers of fat ... Read on »
4 Beauty Boosting Reasons to Eat More Healthy Fats by ChefVeronica Posted Wed 30 Jun 2010 12:00am Fat:  a despised word.  A word used to describe our bodies, a substance believed to clog our arteries, add cellulite to our thighs and give us big, round, chubby cheeks.  Many of us purposefully avoid fat in our diet for these reasons and our own.  But, what about the good fats?  Are we avoiding those, ... Read on »