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Faintly falling, falling faintly by elizabeth Posted Mon 13 Dec 2010 5:32pm It's hard not to believe one is living on an entirely different planet when I open my door to a blue sky, blazing sun and eighty degrees this December afternoon. My son called me into the living room before he left for school to show me footage of the sports dome in Minnesota caving in from the recent obliterating snowstorm. Many of the blogs I v ... Read on »
fainting attack in parkinson's disease by heroteo heroteo Posted Sun 17 Jan 2010 10:37pm Fainting attacks in Parkinson’s Disease Fainting attacks are episodes of loss of consciousness that occur due to various reasons. It starts suddenly, usually within seconds and so fast that many patients fall onto the floor before they can react to it. The episodes are generally short, ranging from seconds to several minutes. Following the at ... Read on »
Falls, faints and cardiac arrest by Stuart G. Patient Expert Posted Sat 30 Jan 2010 10:46am Day shift: Five calls; one left on scene; one assisted-only; one by car; two by ambulance. Stats: 1 Chest pain; 1 Cardiac arrest; 1 Faint; 1 Fractured arm; 1 Eye injury. Frosty and cold today, with a light dusting of snow. There, that’s the weather done for you. I’ve been off ill for a few days (I don’t normally do ill) and I was away ... Read on »
Fainting is No Fun by 321delish Posted Thu 11 Aug 2011 8:40am On Monday I fainted…twice! It wasn’t fun. In fact, it was quite embarrassing, as it usually is.  I have a history of vasovegal syncope , also known as fainting spells, which often are coupled with paleness, lightheadedness, tunnel vision, nausea, feeling of warmth and a cold clammy sweat. Some of the triggers for these spells are standing stil ... Read on »
How to Help When Someone Faints by HealthyAging .. Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:49pm ANNOUNCER: You may have heard that this is one of the things you should do if you feel faint. But do you know why? SCOTT CARUTHERS, FIRST AID EXPERT : The whole reason behind becoming faint is insufficient blood flow to the brain. If they're sitting down they should just take their heads and put it as close to their knees as they can which will ... Read on »
You’re Sounding A Little Faint, Dearie … by Sue F. Posted Tue 01 Mar 2011 5:56pm Oh dear – not the best workout at the gym tonight.  I had a personal training session after work today, but all did not go to plan.  We started off ok, with a warm-up on the X-trainer, an interval training cardio blast on the rowing machine for 10 mins, followed by circuits.  Each round of circuits is two reps and then adds an extra exerc ... Read on »
So Faintly >> You Came Tapping by Sondra M. Posted Wed 31 Oct 2012 3:11pm Happy Halloween, everyone! Are you wearing a costume? I hope so. I LOVE the excuse to wear a costume during daylight hours. I don't even care if it's elaborate, I just love the idea of wearing something that makes everyday life feel something special and magical is among us. Costumes (and candy) aside, I have not been a h ... Read on »
Inter acquired established faint indications of initiative nonetheless, when the state-of-the-art were only available in any 74t by jjerseysjin Posted Mon 03 Dec 2012 6:22am Guarin created a rapid have an effect on, catching Ujkani off-guard that has a looping exertion that your Albanian owner been slow in creating to trap. Inter acquired revealed pass out warning signs of effort although, once the innovative entered the 74th tiny, t had been premature and then as an alternative unfair upon Palermo. Considering t ... Read on »
Landscape Design for the Faint of Heart by Lindsey G. Posted Fri 29 Jun 2012 2:31pm I need to be honest here. While working my way toward a certification in horticulture, there was a hiccup. A distraction. My future husband. During the term in which I took Landscape Design, we had just started dating — and my contributions to the class were supremely mediocre, half-hearted and somewhat embarrassing. I passed, but ... Read on »
Solanezumab Fails Phase 3 Alzheimer’s Trials: Retains Faint Glimmer of Hope by Carol Bradley Bursack Posted Tue 28 Aug 2012 12:00am August 2012 has been a busy month for late-stage testing of long awaited Alzheimer’s drugs. Unfortunately, the results haven’t been good. In early August, information was released disclosing that  Pfizer’s bapineuzumab  did not meet the primary endpoints set up by the studies, and trials were stopped. Now, Eli Lilly has also announc ... Read on »