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Moms Not Meeting Their Own Breast-Feeding Goals: I'm Not Upset by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Posted Mon 04 Jun 2012 11:08am Do you really think this father is hurting his newborn child? New mothers aren't meeting their own goals for breastfeeding let alone those set by a bunch of international experts. Another week, another study trying to figure out how to convince new moms to keep babies on the boob and Pediatrics had no choice but to publish it ... Read on »
Breastfeeding children 'cuts r ... by John R. Posted Thu 22 Dec 2011 7:40am Breastfeeding children 'cuts risk of obesity and diabetes in later life' Ho hum! This mystical epidemiological knowledge never stops. I have no doubt that breast feeding is a generally good thing but saying which of the effects described below is due to breast feeding is impossible. There are strong social class effects on breastfeeding ... Read on »
Tossing the Formula (Along With the Facts): Fact-Checking the Breastfeeding Media by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Posted Tue 16 Oct 2012 5:06pm The benefits of breastfeeding are beyond question these days. In a front page article in today's New York Times Science section, Pam Belluck's Tossing the Formula reports on the formula crack-down in hospitals across the country. Public health officials claim such programs like New York City's  Latch On Odyssey  and all its Baby Friendly manifest ... Read on »
Breastfeeding – Don’t Give Up (Part Deux) by Mare Posted Wed 01 Dec 2010 12:00am The night Aria had her tongue-tie released,  she cried like crazy and I spent the first 100% sleepless night of my life. Each time I thought I had rocked her to sleep, I would set her down only to have her wake up immediately and cry. By morning, she had cried so hard that she re-opened the wound under her tongue; it started bleeding. ... Read on »
Breast Feeding by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Posted Thu 06 May 2010 5:25pm Breast Feeding Question: Hi! I am breastfeeding and have tinea versicolor on my neck and in between my breasts. Can I use this product or does it get excreted into the breastmilk? -Bryn Answer: Hi Bryn - It is okay to use Saprox Natural Antifungal while breastfeeding. Saprox has been tested for heavy metals and ... Read on »
“Breast-Washing”: Enfamil Offers Free Breastfeeding Support Kit by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Tue 04 Aug 2009 6:51pm You’ve heard of “Greenwashing.” My favorite posts on this matter are at The Good Human. But what about a fraudulent “breastfeeding support kit” from a formula company? Wow! Ain’t nothing like finding this crap offer during World Breastfeeding Week! Today’s specimen: Enfamil. It’s offering “support” in the form of formula samples, among o ... Read on »
Breastfeeding, Belly Fat and Diabetes: Behold the Beatification of Breast-Feeding by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Posted Tue 16 Nov 2010 1:02pm The Holy Trinity: Madonna, Baby and The Breast As if new moms needed two fewer excuses not to breasfeed - along comes yet another study to bolster the beatification of breast-feeding.  Type 2 diabetes and belly fat.  Behold the holy benefits of breastmilk as  reported by Time magazine Researchers led by Dr. Eleanor Bimla Schwa ... Read on »
Myth 24: Breast is best by Angeline Duran Piotrowski Posted Wed 01 Jul 2009 6:39pm “In certain overachieving circles, breast-feeding is no longer a choice — it’s a no-exceptions requirement, the ultimate badge of responsible parenting. Yet the actual health benefits of breast-feeding are surprisingly thin, far thinner than most popular literature indicates. Is breast-feeding right for every family? Or is it this generat ... Read on »
Perfecting the Breastfeeding Technique by Paty M Posted Mon 30 May 2011 4:22pm While breast feeding is nature’s way of providing the ideal nutrition for your infant, the “art” or techniques of breastfeeding might not come as naturally!  And just like learning a new skill, knowledge, practice and support from family, friends and coworkers are the key to success. It is important to discuss your decision with your do ... Read on »
Health secrets of walnuts... ... by John R. Posted Thu 12 Jan 2012 7:37am Health secrets of walnuts... They are loaded with antioxidants that fight disease (?) This is all just assertion, part of the antioxidant religion. It is a religion because deliberate antioxidant intake is in fact associated with REDUCED lifespans. See the sidebar here The festive season may be over, but there is at least one Christmas ... Read on »