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flatten the stomach from home by Doris C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:00am There are many resources in the web where are person can find exercises that flatten the stomach. For those that are truly dedicated to this goal, and has the time and money, sometimes a gym or fitness club is the way to go. It is at these places that a person can get one on one help from trainers and have access to different types of equipment a ... Read on »
Postpartum Weight Loss- “Best Abdominal Equipment to Flatten My Stomach?” by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Tue 27 Oct 2009 11:00pm To Sara of Fit by Sara: “What is the best abdominal equipment to flatten my stomach?” From Sara of Fit by Sara: “I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news is you don’t need any fancy equipment to flatten your abdominals.  The bad news is it takes more than doing abdominal crunches to get flat abs.  The key to flat abs is eating heal ... Read on »
How Many Sit Ups for Stomach Flattening? | Ask The Fitness Nerd by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 4:40pm Getting a flat stomach takes more than just countless sit ups. Find out the formula to a flatter, more defined mid-section. Dear Fitness Nerd, A very broad question that I’d like to read your opinion on regarding stomach flattening. I’m a massive gym user and fitness freak. At the moment I weight 12.7 stone and at 6′ 2″ consider myself ... Read on »
The Abs Diet The Six Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 18 Sep 2010 4:05pm The Abs Diet The Six Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life Great-looking abs are more than just a way to support the mirror industry. In fact, strong abs and flat stomachs are the ultimate indicator of overall health-for both men and women. Great abs will help you l ... Read on »
NEW eBook: Banish Your Belly Bloat & Flatten Your Stomach In 30 Days Or Less by Nat Carter Posted Mon 09 Dec 2013 6:28pm Do you want to confidently slip into your swimsuit this summer without fear of your bulgy bits? Do you want to flatten your tummy once and for all? Are you wanting to have as much energy and vitality as your kids? Want to bunce out of bed in the moring? Are you ready to see in the new year with a body that you are proud of?BANISH THE BLOAT! ... Read on »
Flatten your stomach by eating, NOT obessing by adailydoseofdieting Posted Tue 21 Dec 2010 12:00am Could eating really help you flatten your stomach? Well...yes. Research shows that obsessing over calories and tracking everything too closely actually creates the perfect habitat for belly fat! WHA!? Yeup...I said it! When I read this I felt a little bit bad because I track my calories and I'm quite aware of how many calories I'm eating. ... Read on »
Useful information on How To Flatten Your Stomach by Todd S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Jun 2009 10:34pm Want to get a flat stomach? Of course you would, I mean, who wouldn’t? A flat stomach is basically a flawless for a beautiful or handsome creature. In obtaining a flat stomach, you will need to ensure that you engage in specific abdominal exercises. Its not just about doing these exercises but also about how well you exercise. To be able t ... Read on »
Ask Raphael: Flatten Your Stomach by Alex L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 10 Dec 2009 10:03am Have a question about your routine or anything fitness-related? Send it Raphael's way at Hi Raphael, I am a 48-year-old female who is in excellent health other than high blood pressure, which I have under control with Toprol. I am 5'0", am small-boned and weigh 125 pounds. I have excellent triglyceride and chol ... Read on »
How to Flatten Your Stomach Quick by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Nov 2012 12:36am Sick of your pooch? Sick of your clothes fitting just a little too tightly? Sick of your belly always getting in the way? I know I was! That’s why I did some research and found out how to get a flat stomach fast – and boy did it work! Let me inspire you. The first thing I did was get my metabolism back up to speed so that it could properly ... Read on »
The Easiest Way To Workout For Flat Stomach by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:03am Copyright © 2008 Don Pedro. Visit the original article at On a preliminary note, there are many sources of facts on how to drop off belly fat. Nevertheless, the reality remains that some of these are real whereas many of the others are mere fables or publicizing ... Read on »