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Using Evening Primrose Oil, Is it Good or Bad? by Qadoshyah Posted Sat 17 Dec 2011 10:00am Evening Primrose Oil is commonly used as a vegetarian source for essential fatty acids (EFAs): omega 3's, omega 6's, gamma linoleic acid (GLA) & linoleic acid (LA). This used to be commonly be recommended by those in the supplementation world of DS, but then after more current research, the recommendation was reversed. Dr. Leichtman used to re ... Read on »
Massage to Induce Labor Naturally During End of Term Pregnancy by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Tue 18 Sep 2012 8:08am If you are hearing yourself thinking or saying "Get this Baby out of me!"  or are dealing with at at full-term or over due baby and your little one is all nestled and comfy in your body, a massage just may do the trick to jump start your labor and induce labor naturally. At Healthy Being Wellness Center and Holistic Day Spa, we offer p ... Read on »
List of Essential Oils by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 20 Nov 2011 4:58am Essential oils and aromatherapy have been common healing and therapeutic methods since the first century. There is also documented evidence of essential oils being used by the ancient Egyptian Pharos, who prized the pure plant essence more than gold. Coveted by European Crusaders and primitive South American tribes alike, aromatherapy using ess ... Read on »
Are There Any Benefits to Evening Primrose Oil Acne Treatment? by FocusAcne Posted Tue 08 Feb 2011 2:07pm Evening primrose oil has become a popular dietary supplement claimed to soothe damaged and dry skin caused by conditions like eczema and psoriasis. That’s exactly why many acne sufferers have turned to evening primrose oil acne treatments in an att ... Read on »
A former class member's HypnoBirthing story by Carol Yeh-Garner Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 20 Feb 2009 5:41pm This is the birth story from my former class member, Jen. She had 2 previous births & had taken the HypnoBirthing course from my former instructor for baby #2. She had used Bradley for baby #1. She came to my classes for a refresher course. Her birth story is one that is a testiment to the fact that if you have a supportive birthing team (OB, hospi ... Read on »
The Basic Principles of a Whole food Diet by Nicky M. Posted Sun 07 Sep 2008 8:37pm ‘ Diet is an ambiguous tool, too complex and emotionally charged to be prescribed lightly, yet too powerful to be ignored.’ Steven Bradman, MD Food, essential for life, health and existence. Without food we die. Our life sustaining organs within, wait eagerly to be nourished daily with proper whole foods, exercise and care. It is entire ... Read on »
Night Sweats by Nicole S. Naturopathic Doctor Posted Thu 11 Mar 2010 12:25pm Night sweats or night time “hot flashes” can be a very frustrating problem for women in menopause or peri-menopause. Typically a hot flash is an experience of intense heat with sweating and increased heartbeat. The hot flash can last for a few minutes or up to 30 minutes. Usually the sensation of heat begins on the face or chest, or bac ... Read on »
Infertility Terms - making sense of the jargon ! by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 06 Apr 2009 11:44pm All this may be TMI, but if you need to talk to your GYN, or help your DH make sense of what your RE is saying, this is a useful crib sheet ! This is from the book How to Have a Baby: Overcoming Infertility by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, MD and Dr. Anjali Malpani, MD. Abortion: the medical term for miscarriage. The various types include: ... Read on »
Top Five Natural Treatment for Menopause Symptoms by Lynette Sheppard Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Fri 29 Jun 2012 2:04am Sleeping Maiden Water Spirit © 2012 wcj By: Pam Andrews of Early menopause symptoms include abnormal weight gain, breast tenderness, a much more uncomfortable premenstrual syndrome or PMS, vaginal dryness, hair loss or thinning of hair, hot flashes, and chronic fatigue. Supplements for perimenopause can hel ... Read on »