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Week in Workouts + Vintage Erica Video by EricaDHouse Posted Fri 26 Apr 2013 5:00am Well, the highlight of the week in workouts was definitely the Half Marathon I ran on Sunday! It was just for fun around my neighborhood. The weather was perfect and I really just wanted to run for a while.  Everything else was pretty low key. I ended up walking for an hour after dinner yesterday so it was more of an active recovery ... Read on »
Wednesday Workout Update - Trail of Tears Edition by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 19 Jan 2011 6:00am I was all set to come here and tell you about my 10 mile run on Saturday, complete with a huge dead snake in the parking lot, running in the rain, chocolate GU - all things crazy and fun, right? Well. What I haven't mentioned in my previous posts is that my right ankle has been bothering me a bit - it made itself known during a 9 mile run, real ... Read on »
A Long Winded Explanation of My 2012 Workout Goals by Dori Manela Posted Tue 27 Dec 2011 10:16am Last year, I posted my 2010 DSB Year in  Review . I just started working on the 2011 DSB Year in review yesterday so I’ll be able to post it next week. At first, I was a little concerned because 2010 was such a big year for me and my blog, and I thought I wouldn’t have anything worthwhile for 2011. But as I went through each month, I realized t ... Read on »
Weekend Workout Warrior by Melissa Posted Sun 01 Apr 2012 12:00am I had a slight change in jobs last month, and I am still trying to figure out how to adjust my workout schedule to fit my new work schedule.  This week I didn’t really succeed and ended up with a pretty light workout schedule. In the past, I probably would have passed up last minute social obligations rather than skip a planned workout, bu ... Read on »
Wednesday Workout Update - "I Wanted To Win This Medal" by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 15 Aug 2012 6:00am  26.2 miles in 2:08:01.  I'm impressed!!! "I wanted to win this medal" - that's what Stephen Kiprotich, winner of the men's marathon at the Olympics, said afterward in an interview.  Oh how I could relate to that!  Of course, in that particular race, not everyone gets a medal at the finish line like they do in the marathon/half marathon race ... Read on »
Wednesday Workout Update by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 28 Nov 2012 6:00am We are on the last legs (ha!) of training for running club this season.  Boy howdy, it's been a long season - while running with a group is fun and helps to keep the enthusiasm going, training for 25 weeks for a goal race has started to wear on me.  Maybe I would have felt like this two years ago, had I been able to continue with the group - all ... Read on »
Wednesday Workout Update by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 09 Jan 2013 6:00am I'm mixing things up a bit with my workouts this year, and so far I'm enjoying the new additions.  I'm biking a couple days a week using my new (to me) exercise bike - right now I've been doing 20 minutes at a fairly fast speed.  I figure that breathing heavy will help with my running, and even though I'm using the same legs for biking as I do fo ... Read on »
Wednesday Workout Update by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 23 Jan 2013 7:34am I've run the gamut with my workouts over the last few years, from baby stepping my way into exercise by riding my sweet pink cruiser bike, to doing intense workouts with a small group (tire flipping, anyone?), to running and training for my first half marathon.  Now it seems like I'm moving back toward easier workouts, although I don't think that ... Read on »
Wednesday Workout Update by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 26 Jun 2013 6:00am After spending nearly two weeks climbing up and down the stairs at my kid's place, my muscles began to feel different - like I was getting more toned - so I got super motivated to keep it up, and roped my running buddy Julia, who is conveniently off for the summer (she's a teacher), into doing our own version of boot camp.  It's always more encou ... Read on »
Double Workout Wednesday by ErickaAndersen Posted Wed 17 Jul 2013 5:00am Blood, Sweat & Cheers GIVEAWAY: I've got a sweet give-away for you today! Not only might you win a waterproof Nike+Fuel Band -- but you will also definitely start receiving an awesome newsletter,  Blood, Sweat and Cheers ! Want to win,  sign up NOW .  Blood, Sweat and Cheers  is the perfect email for active adventure seekers l ... Read on »