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Pregnancy: Home Pregnancy Tests by Gwen G. Registered Nurse Posted Fri 17 Oct 2008 9:14pm 1 Comment Most women become aware of a pregnancy when they have missed a period and may have some other pregnancy symptoms such as morning nausea etc., it’s at this point, that they want to be sure of the pregnancy. The home pregnancy test is very simple and can tell you in just 5 minutes, whether you are pregnant or not. It’s easily available off the s ... Read on »
Want To Find Out If You Are Pregnant, Use A Pregnancy Test by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Dec 2008 1:51am 1 Comment by Janet Owen Pregnancy tests known as HPTs for those that are taken at home are the most common way for women to discover that they are pregnant. It used to be that women went to a doctor’s office and had a blood test to find out if they were pregnant or not. That is not to say that it still doesn’t happen that way, because it does. Women who ... Read on »
Missed Period, Negative Pregnancy Tests, No regular symptoms, AM I PREGNANT? by tooyoung888 Posted Fri 01 Jan 2010 10:57pm  i was suppose to have my period about a week ago. I've taken 3 home pregnancy tests and all have been negative. Only symptom has been an increase in vaginal discharge (clear, white, no smell) other than that i'm on break so i haven't been stressed. AM I PREGNANT?? WHAT'S GOING ON!?! Read on »
Pregnancy Tests Guide: Everything You Need to Know by BerryRipe Posted Thu 04 Jul 2013 9:04am Whether you are trying to get pregnant, or are concerned you may have fallen pregnant unexpectedly, the only way to answer your questions is to take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are reliable, whether you do them at home or visit your doctor, and provided you follow the instructions and wait the right amount of time aft ... Read on »
IVF-FAQs - When should I test for pregnancy after the transfer? by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 29 Mar 2013 10:06pm The two week wait ( 2ww) is one of the most exciting as well as one of the most emotionally draining phases of an IVF cycle.  You are eagerly waiting to know what has happened to your embryos – did they implant or not ? The doctor’s done his best – now  it’s all upto you ! How well will your body perform ? Most  IVF clinics want you ... Read on »
Pregnancy Tests by Mary R. Posted Tue 02 Dec 2008 11:46am How do pregnancy tests work? Pregnancy tests look for a special hormone in the urine or blood that is only there when a woman is pregnant. This hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), can also be called the pregnancy hormone. The pregnancy hormone, hCG, is made in your body when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. This usually ha ... Read on »
Testing for pregnancy after an embryo transfer in an IVF cycle by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 05 Jan 2011 10:04pm While all IVF patients understand with their heads that not every IVF cycle results in success, in their heart of hearts, every patient expects to get pregnant every time they do IVF ! This is why the 2ww after the embryo transfer can be so nerve-wracking ! Am I pregnant or not ? Have the embryos implanted or not ? The suspense during the 2ww can ... Read on »
How Soon Can I Do A Pregnancy Test ? by Ahmad.H Posted Sat 05 May 2012 4:47pm This is a common question for women in the childbearing age and it involves a lot of physiological details that i will try to simplify in the rest of this article. Answer: A woman can do a pregnancy test from the first day of her missed period. Concept:  Pregnancy tests will measure the presence of pregnancy hormone known as Human C ... Read on »
Can pregnancy tests be wrong? by Marie L. Patient Expert Posted Mon 21 Sep 2009 10:13pm Interestingly, it seems like HPTs and even blood tests for pregnancy can be wrong! I am reading this great book (review to come) about a woman who was 6 months pregnant before doctors figured out what was going on (they kept telling her she had a cancerous cyst, it was all in her head--and that she should drink more wine, etc., incredible!). ... Read on »
Pregnancy Test Giveaway by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 21 Sep 2009 10:14pm 5 Comments I am not trying to get pregnant. Me and my birth control pills are tight. We're like BFFs. Or at least BFUNSATE (best friends until next September at the earliest). Yeah, we're THAT close. Last cycle, my period was a huge no-show. Which is rude. Because I totally took my pill every single day that month. I think. Pretty much. Ok, whatever. ... Read on »