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MS and Enlarged Heart. - Correlation? by livingdaytodaywithmultiplesclerosis Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Tue 04 Aug 2009 7:37pm So apparently my "Appointment from Hell" Just continues... I get a phone call this afternoon from Urgent Care. I was sleeping due to extreme fatigue. So I called when I woke up and I was expecting them to just do a follow up and instead tells me that from the X-Ray The cardiologist took apparently 4 days to look at it and then the Nurse says your x ... Read on »
Stem Cell Trial Reports Success With Cardiovascular Repair With Reducing Size of Enlarged Heart and Increased Ability to Pump Bl by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 19 Mar 2011 2:22pm This is amazing what stem cells are doing in the field of cardiology.  One patient in the trial referenced has a heart attack 11 years ago and is doing better.  New cells are being produced and some of the scaring from heart attacks is going away.  There are also no serious side effects for the patients.  Stem cells are used from the patient’s ... Read on »
Enlarging the Field, Enlarging the Heart by Leah C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 15 Oct 2011 12:06pm  Edmund W. Gordon A few days ago I received an email from someone I did not know. The writer said that she had been reading my new novel, was "really enjoying it," and therefore felt profoundly disappointed to come across the word "retard" in the text. She wrote in measured, intelligent language of the derogatory and damaging nature of the e ... Read on »
Study Finds Gene Behind Inherited Cases of Enlarged Heart by HealthFinder Posted Wed 15 Feb 2012 12:00pm healthnewslink Mutation in TTN gene affects ability of heart muscle fibers to work properly, researchers say. By Jenifer Goodwin HealthDay Reporter ... Read on »
Piling On Pounds When Younger May Lead To Enlarged Heart Later by Medline Plus Posted Thu 07 Mar 2013 1:00pm Long-term study found the earlier the weight gain, the greater the increase in heart size, a disease risk factor Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Body Weight , Heart Diseases , Heart Diseases--Prevention Read on »
Knowing your pet’s heart condition by heru m. Patient Expert Posted Sun 12 Dec 2010 8:40am Heart disease can be as devastating for animals as it can be for humans, and many of the same type of heart problems that affect people can also affect your pet, says Dr. Alice Blue-McLendon, a veterinarian in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University. Dogs are usually more prone to heart d ... Read on »
HIGH FAT DIETS LOWER ENDURANCE by marie dufour RD Registered DieticianHealth Maven Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:05pm By Marie Dufour, RD – TAKE IT FROM THE RATS…. High-fat diets have long been known to lead to obesity, diabetes and heart failure and to be associated with cognitive decline in the long run.  But what is their short-term effect? Oxford researchers switched rats from a regular diet (7.5% fat) to a high-fat diet (55% of calories from fat) and ... Read on »
In Memory of Bela, a Good Dog by Pubsgal Posted Tue 08 Jun 2010 5:04pm Warning: Long and extremely bittersweet post ahead for those who love animals, especially those who have experienced the loss of a companion animal. I never have written about the "fur kids" here, as much as I love them and enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of yours.  I'm guessing it's because it started out more as a personal health lo ... Read on »
HYPERTHYROIDISM, CATS ON A LEASH, WINTER TRAVEL TIPS.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 05 Dec 2010 12:00am Now that December has arrived, it's time to consider Helpful Buckeye's "Winter Travel Tips." Top 5 Winter Travel Tips A winter vacation can be a wonderful change of scenery for you and your dog. But like any trip, you must plan ahead and take certain precautions. Here are five simple things you can do to make winter travel with your ... Read on »
Meet James B.: Student, Son, Boyfriend, Warrior! by Tosin Ola Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Sat 26 Oct 2013 2:29am Written by Sickle Cell Warrior on 25 October 2013 Hey everyone, this week’s warrior is James B (another James:), and he is in the middle of a 6-month long crisis. And yet, he still finds the courage to fall in love, stay strong, and share his life with the world.  Let’s get started, James. H ... Read on »