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Selective Mutism: A Teen Aberration Story by Penelope P. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 22 Jun 2009 10:13pm Most people think I’m just shy. They’re not wrong; not really. It’s just that there’s more to it than simply being shy. At age 4, I was diagnosed with Selective Mutism. I didn’t really know what it meant back then, only that it was difficult for me to make friends every time I moved to a new environment. Selective Mutism (SM) is a litt ... Read on »
NY Times on Selective Mutism by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 01 Apr 2005 12:00am The 12 April 2005 issue of the New York Times carried a good story about selective mutism. Harriet Brown, who reported the story, avoided many of the traps that might befall people who tackle this topic. Her report is balanaced, sensible, sensitive, and accurate. She didn’t fall prey to the psychobabble that too often is associated with th ... Read on »
Selective Mutism: It's Time to End the Frustration by HolisticHealth Posted Mon 18 Oct 2010 4:36pm Dear frustrated parent............. Is your once happy outgoing child now become silent, despondant, and hard to reach? Have they stopped participating in class, and have fewer friends than they used to?  Do they have trouble getting up in front of a class, do they no longer listen to  teachers instructions? Have they stopped going ov ... Read on »
The Normalization of Diagnosis by Danielle Tate Posted Thu 03 Dec 2009 8:01am A note: When I mention mental illness, assume I am talking about it in the most general way: Any condition that can be diagnosed by a psychologist; psychological, cognitive, or neurological. It takes too long to write that phrase out every single time I mention it. Lots of people are getting upset about the proliferation of psychiatric diagnos ... Read on »
The Mystery of Parental Psychiatric Diagnoses by Bev Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:51pm “Let me see if I’ve got this right,” Encyclopedia Brown said. “Your brother is autistic?” “Yes,” replied Sally, “Though we prefer to say he ‘has autism.’” “I see,” the detective muttered, “How do you think this could have happened? Was he vaccinated?” “Of course he was!” “Thank God! I wasn’t going to risk getting measles f ... Read on »
Not indistinguishable by Bev Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:51pm To distinguish is to recognize the characteristic features belonging to a thing. This seems like a positive activity. It does to most parents of typical children I know. They work hard to help their offspring learn the difference between cars and trucks, between airplanes and helicopters without once worrying that there is some unspoken messag ... Read on »
Is Your Disease on the RARE List™ – If So, More Bad News! by Chris H. Posted Mon 06 Feb 2012 3:01pm I wonder if people truly understand what it means if their rare disease or disorder is on the RARE List™? Last week, the R.A.R.E. Project and  Global Genes Project , leading patient advocacy organizations representing the rare disease community, issued the RARE List™ , a stunning 65 page ... Read on »
Talkative Mute: An Aberration Story by Penelope P. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 09 Dec 2009 5:30am ... as parents, we need to let our children live as they are. Sometimes I don't feel like talking to people. I'm usually quite the Chatty Patty at home, so when I suddenly become withdrawn, my husband usually asks me what's wrong. The truth is that many times I'm simply hit with the mood to sink completely into myself and recharge my batte ... Read on »
Early Childhood, IQ, Mutism and Political Intrigue: All in a Day's Conference by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 13 Apr 2011 6:06pm Who says professional conferences are a snooze?   Round up some academics, some therapists and throw in a public health or education official - and there's bound to be some drama, in this case, some indirect political intrigue of the big-city kind incidentally involving thousands of school children.  So ... Read on »
He Said My Name by Holly C. Facebook Posted Tue 20 Sep 2011 7:00am Hi friends! Hope you’re recovering from a wonderful weekend! Daniel and I had the chance to spend the weekend with my awesome 13 year old brother! Even though Matt and I are 10 years apart, (with two awesome sisters sandwiched in between), we still have a blast when we hang out. Matthew is an awesome boy- he’s charming, has a good se ... Read on »