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Smoky Eggplant Soup with Mint and Pine Nuts for Souper (Soup, Salad & Sammie) Sundays by DebinHawaii Posted Sun 11 Oct 2009 12:00am Although I frequently vow that I will buy no more cookbooks because I have so many, I frequently break that vow, as I did when I stumbled across the new . In my defense, it was my Birthday, her classic 1973 cookbook "The Vegetarian Epicure" was one of my early cookbooks and is a somewhat tattered copy in my collection now, and finally of ... Read on »
1/2 Marathon Training and Martha Stewart’s Roasted Tomato & Eggplant Soup by christinaorso Posted Wed 06 Nov 2013 10:07pm I’m currently training for my second half marathon (more on that next week!), and for this one, I’d like to beat my PR. Amanda and I ran our first half marathon here in Charleston this past January. We trained for about 10 weeks with a goal to finish in under 2 hours. My finish time was 1:58 so I was one happy girl. Honestly, for my next run ... Read on »
The Best Eggplant - Leek Soup Ever! by Dawn H. Posted Fri 24 Aug 2012 5:27am   Eggplant Leek Soup recipe at the bottom!  _______________________________________ There were a few things about growing up in Massachusetts that I wouldn't trade the world for. Cape Cod I got to bring my baby there back in 2009.  Yikes - my hair was not at its best that day, but my daughte ... Read on »
Eggplant Vegetable Soup by Maria U. Posted Thu 07 Aug 2014 4:03pm Do you like eggplant? I love eggplant! It’s absolutely delicious and can be used in a verity of recipes. The secret to preparing eggplant is getting rid of the bitter taste typical for larger eggplant varieties. To help get rid of the bitterness, cut the eggplant into chunks, generously sprinkle with salt, place it in a colander f ... Read on »
Roasted Eggplant and Chickpea Soup by foodienutritionist Posted Mon 17 Jan 2011 6:25pm I have to say, I have had this post on the verge of being ready for about 2 weeks now and just never “got around” to finishing and posting it. I’d like to say that I’ve completely settled into my new place, but I’m still more or less getting into the swing of things.  Little household projects have pretty much taken over the time that would oth ... Read on »
Roasted Eggplant and Garlic Soup by Judith Anne Posted Thu 19 Nov 2009 12:00am I hear many of you saying "Zucchini Breath, now that I know how to roast an eggplant what do I do with all that delicious roasted eggplant that I have and don't know with which what to do?" (or something like that) to which I have but one reply "Make SOUP!" Roasted Eggplant and Garlic Soup 1 peeled flesh fr ... Read on »
Persian-Inspired Chickpea & Herb Soup with Eggplant for Cook The Books April/May: "Funny in Farsi" and Souper (Soup, Salad & Sam by DebinHawaii Posted Sun 25 May 2014 10:05pm A quick clue to the authenticity of my ethnic cuisine recipes is if I call something "inspired" by a cuisine. That means that I have tinkered around enough with the recipe to make me uncomfortable claiming it as an authentic representation. 'Inspired by' is usually the way I cook by the time I take out the meat, reduce the saturated fat, and chan ... Read on »
Ginger Lentil Soup with Eggplant Puree by Sanura Posted Sun 13 Mar 2011 10:45pm   Lessons in Moments of Silence A couple of weeks ago, a beloved neighbor passed away unexpectedly. Of all the people I know, why did it have to be him? My neighbor is known for being bright and positive, and such a statement is not of his spirit. That being said, I realize it’s a terrible thought to utter into words. Grief over a ... Read on »
Rustic Tomato Bread Soup and Eggplant Curry by Lauren R. Posted Wed 28 Apr 2010 4:52pm Happy Wednesday Evening!!! I hope you had a lovely day! Don’t forget to enter the Beveri Flax Seed Giveaway! Flax seeds are amazing little things, and this is a great chance to get some for free!!! Last night I attempted making soup for the second time in my life. I was a little nervous as I have only made soup one other time ... Read on »
Italian Style Chunky Soup with Eggplants, Peppers, Olives, and Artichokes by Low Carb Confidential !. Patient Expert Posted Mon 03 Feb 2014 6:14am Forgive me as I don’t know what to call this. Is it a pasta sauce? A stew? A soup? It beats me. All I know is my wife called me to tell me it was good – and not to ruin it by putting in more seasonings or cooking it further. That doesn’t happen much. The fear I’ll ruin something? All the time, but phone calls on how good my recipe tu ... Read on »