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Eco-Friendly School Environment by A. Brewster S. Patient Expert Posted Sat 04 Feb 2012 2:46pm Link Read on »
Eco-friendly shelter saves environment, money! by Johann The Dog Patient Expert Posted Wed 03 Jun 2009 12:21am News from zootoo: ALBURQUERQUE, N.M. -- More and more shelters across the country are helping animals and trying to save the environment. One such shelter in Albuquerque is giving recycling a whole new meaning. Sometimes doing the right thing is not easy. It often takes quite a bit of effort -- and in this case -- quite a bit of sweat. But ... Read on »
New eco-friendly shelter aims to increase pet adoption while providing lowest impact on environment. by Johann The Dog Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:38pm Visitors attend the Humane Society Silicon Valley's open house Saturday Mar. 28, 2009 to show off its new green, cageless, homelike habitat in Milpitas for strays that it's calling an Animal Community Center. There is solar heating and a water-efficient kennel cleansing system. (Patrick Tehan/Mercury News) ( Patrick Tehan ) This weekend a new, won ... Read on »
Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Landscape by Sean D. Patient Expert Posted Sun 17 Feb 2013 11:44pm Improving your outside living area can be accomplished in many ways- without all that lawn to maintain ! Shrubs, trees and flowers are essential components of eco-friendly landscaping. And varying types of plants, flowers, edible plants and those that attract beneficial insects can increase the beauty of your garden and improve the surrounding ... Read on »
Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps around the Home by Laura Patient Expert Posted Mon 27 Sep 2010 3:29am Image by Lori Greig via Flickr In the 21st Century there is a lot of hype surrounding protecting the environment. Not only is being eco-friendly beneficial for the environment, going green is beneficial to your wallet. Even the simplest changes in your home can make a huge difference for the world and your wallet. Follow these five si ... Read on »
Eco friendly bedroom furniture uk for use by elaineclark Posted Tue 05 Mar 2013 9:13am The world, to believe by qualified researchers, is likely to get huge fuel crisis within half a decade. So, if fuels are being consistently used without having any methodically structured medium, it is sure the world would be reduced natural resources and there would be huge issues. The fossil fuels are non renewable resources which means once us ... Read on »
Eco Friendly Careers by Janice S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 02 Oct 2008 4:21pm While the movement to create an environmentally aware world is not a new one, it has only really gotten the attention needed over the last decade or so. As global concern shifts to going green, the demand for paid professionals knowledgeable in the field is growing at a rapid rate. This news may not be new to those with specialized degree ... Read on »
Eco Friendly Holiday Gift - Plants! by Green Kristine Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 26 Nov 2008 11:24am A little basic and boring you say, with a yawn? Actually, giving the gift of green - literally - this holiday season has all the makings of the perfect gift to give and receive. First of all, living plants clean the air we breathe in our homes by removing toxins. Contaminents of all varieties are all around us. Furniture, new carpeting, ply ... Read on »
Eco-friendly Stocks by Janice S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 02 Oct 2008 4:21pm Many companies are implementing procedures and starting whole divisions aimed at “cleaning up their act”. The initiative to go green is stronger then ever and companies that see the demand to follow suit are gladly jumping aboard instead of losing customers. This isn’t to say that every business that goes green is doing it for purely self ... Read on »
How to be More Eco-Friendly by Laura Patient Expert Posted Wed 13 Oct 2010 4:21am Image via Wikipedia We are responsible for our environment, however we must check  if we are contributing the right way to the Go-Green campaign of some Non-Government Organizations. Being eco-friendly does not mean that you will give up all your favorite products, it means that you need to check carefully if the products that you ... Read on »