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Disordered eating and eating disorders by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 15 Sep 2009 10:02pm The Twitter-sphere has been discussing the difference between disordered eating and eating disorders (specifically EDNOS ) today. I haven't responded, in part because I like to formulate a complete answer than spewing something half-baked, and also because I can't explain myself in 140 characters or less! But the more I think about it, the more I r ... Read on »
Parsing disordered eating from an eating disorder by Laura Patient Expert Posted Fri 26 Feb 2010 5:08am One of my blog's commenters beautifully and concisely described the difference between disordered eating and an eating disorder: Anonymous said... Most people who restrict their intake of food find it very difficult after awhile to continue because their biology takes over and forces them to eat more. Other people restrict, however, and th ... Read on »
Blurring the Lines: Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating by Melissa H. Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 9:25pm When I began blogging, I always considered being a disordered eater a separate entity from having an eating disorder. After all, every woman seems to be a “disordered eater” in one way or another. And since I never truly binged; never binged and purged (I cry when I throw up; last time was alcohol-induced, at a Dave Matthews Band conce ... Read on »
Body attitudes in patients with eating disorders a...[Eat Behav. 2009] - PubMed Result by Laura Patient Expert Posted Thu 12 Mar 2009 3:12pm Unfortunately, because diagnostic categorization of eating disorders are based primarily on body weight, statistics on recovery are also based on restored body weight. Which is dumb. The illness is still there, at least for a while, and withdrawing treatment and alarm at the very time one most needs it mentally strikes me as cruel. I am a ... Read on »
Disordered Eating vs. Eating Disorders by WeAreTheRealDeal Posted Fri 09 Mar 2012 8:10pm Ours is a culture of disordered behaviors.  It is so common to see college kids engaging in binge drinking or strange dieting practices that we often overlook their seriousness.  I live near New York University and continuously see kids almost falling-down-drunk in the streets on the weekends.  The #1 most commonly asked question we receive [...] ... Read on »
How I Overcame My Eating Disorder Part 1: How My Eating Disorder Began by fitnesshealthandfood Health Maven Posted Fri 29 Jul 2011 8:40am This past week I received several email from readers wanting to know how I overcame my eating disorder. As you know, I still do have times where old thoughts rear their ugly heads . Fortunately, I have been able to use the skills and knowledge that I have learned to isolate these thoughts and slowly pick them apart one by one. While it is w ... Read on »
Eating Disorders - Helping a Friend Get Eating Disorder Residential Treatment by laallen Posted Sun 01 Nov 2009 12:00am Helping The Helper: Helping a Friend Get Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Dos and Don'ts Do: • Talk with the person when there is plenty of privacy and time for them to talk. • Express your concerns, but don't become confrontational. • Be prepared to listen without being overly anxious to get your point across. • Focus on the symp ... Read on »
Eating Disorders Awareness Week - Waging War Against Eating Disorders! by Dr. Sari Shepphird Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Thu 05 Mar 2009 2:41pm I am pleased to report that last week, some very valuable efforts around the Country really made an impact in the fight against eating disorders. For example, in multiple States across the Country, legislation was introduced that raised awareness of the seriousness of these illnesses and paved the way for more specific steps to be taken - s ... Read on »
Male Eating Disorders - Do Boys and Men Get Eating Disorders? by Dr. Sari Shepphird Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Thu 12 Nov 2009 10:01pm It is still surprising to me the degree to which eating disorders are considered solely a female issue. Yes, most cases of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are in females, but to consider eating disorders a "female issue" is to deny appropriate attention (and in some cases access to treatment!) to tens of thousands, and upward, of mal ... Read on »
Male Eating Disorders Part II: Male Subgroups and Eating Disorder Risk by Dr. Sari Shepphird Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Thu 19 Nov 2009 10:01pm Just as is true of females with eating disorders, there appear to be certain subgroups who are at higher risk for developing eating disorders. For example, athletes whose weight is a factor in their performance are an especially vulnerable group. Wrestlers, jockeys, runners, male gymnasts, and male dancers have a higher reported rate of e ... Read on »