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Could Summer Camp be a Place Where Eating Disorder Behaviors Begin? by Beth F. Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Jun 2012 11:24am It is amazing to me how early on children are aware of body images. My eight year old daughter has been talking about not wanting to get "fat" or "chubby" for two years now. I have no idea where she came up with that... we try to encourage healthy eating, without talking about fat vs. skinny. As parents, there is such a fine line between ... Read on »
Male Eating Disorders, Part 5: the "Iron Man" Who Chose to Live by Dr. Sari Shepphird Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Tue 15 Dec 2009 9:29am Rounding out our brief look at male eating disorders (at least for now), I am pleased to share a guest Post today, written by Patrick Bergstrom. Patrick shares a must-read Post that is eye-opening, educating, and inspiring.  Thanks to Patrick for his efforts to dispel the myths of "female only" eating disorders, for his work with althetes ... Read on »
Green Recovery: The Plant-Based Road to Healing from Disordered Eating by Gena Patient Expert Posted Tue 29 Mar 2011 9:14pm Hey all! As I hinted yesterday, I’ve got a very special guest post for you today. This will be the first in a series of posts that I’ve been hoping to start for a long time, and to which I know you’ll all contribute wonderful commentary. The title of the series is Green Recovery, and its purpose is to explore the link between plant-bas ... Read on »
8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder with Carolyn Costin by shannoncutts Posted Mon 12 Mar 2012 9:46am One of the great mothers of eating disorders recovery, Carolyn Costin , is generously donating her time to present a free teleconference event for MentorCONNECT , the eating disorders mentoring nonprofit community I run. I wanted to just issue an invitation to all of you here as well to attend this wonderful free event! Carolyn survived h ... Read on »
Eating Disorders – from the Dawn Farm Education Series by Jason Schwartz, LMSW Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Sun 06 Apr 2014 7:49am This program will examine the evidence that eating disorders are true biopsychosocial diseases, similar to chemical dependency. The program will define various eating disorders and their consequences, explore neurobiological and behavioral theories of addiction, describe physiological consequences of eating disorders, discuss screening tools, a ... Read on »
Resourceful Interventions for Eating Disorder Recovery and Mental Health- CHECK THIS OUT! by RD 4 ED Posted Thu 31 May 2012 12:32am This morning I came across a great website that might be quite useful for many of you reading this blog! I’m not all about reinventing the wheel if something helpful is already out there for mental health and eating disorder recovery, so I figured I would just link to it. Anyhow, it is the Centre for Clinical Interventions website. I clicked on t ... Read on »
At the "root" of an eating disorder by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 10 Sep 2010 2:14pm In my Twitter timeline this afternoon (you do follow ED Bites on Twitter, don't you?), I read the following tweet from the magazine Psychiatric Times, by way of The Canyon treatment center. Trauma, rage, depression, codependency other issues may be at the root of most eating disorders. The tweet linked to this article here: Eating Disorders ... Read on »
Teens & the Troubling Allure of Eating Disorder Books by Melissa H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 13 May 2009 10:14pm There’s a new fiction book out about a teenage girl’s descent into anorexia called Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson. Apparently it’s causing quite the stir, even though it hasn’t become as popular as other “thinspiration” or “pro-ana” books might be; perhaps it’s too new? All the same, the general concern in the eating disorder re ... Read on »
The Door to Change is Open. Learning about eating disorder recovery from Let’s Make a Deal. by hikerrd Posted Mon 12 Aug 2013 2:23pm So you long to be at your old weight, the lower size, the place where everything was fabulous? Like the amnesia when recalling an old boy/girlfriend—you know, that selective memory that favors only the good times (not how miserable they made you feel or how unhealthy your relationship was with him/her)—you remember longingly how great ... Read on »
How to Recover From Eating Disorders by Neelam Posted Mon 15 Feb 2010 10:51pm Eating Disorders are characterised by abnormal eating habits and involve either excessive or insufficient food intake, which eventually becomes detrimental to both physical and psychological health. The exact cause of this disorder is not always clear and the reasons are often quite complex and not always fully understood. Today a significant p ... Read on »