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Healthy Eating and Fast Food by mike santoro Posted Fri 18 Sep 2009 12:58pm I heard an advertisement on my way to work this morning for McDonalds that was quite puzzling. They were pushing their new (or not so new) egg and cheese sandwich, and the slogan was something along the lines of "breakfast, do it right". So what exactly are they saying? Obviously they are trying to get you to choose their incredibly unheal ... Read on »
Skinny Picks: Eating Healthy at Chick-fil-A Fast Food Restaurant by Easy Skinny Life Posted Tue 23 Aug 2011 12:47pm The things I do for my loyal Easy Skinny Life readers!  After a glass of wine and a ton of coaxing, I walked into a fast food restaurant for the first time in ages to assess the healthiest options to eat at cult favorite Chick-fil-A, a fast food chain with a huge following. What’s the healthiest entree item to eat at Chick-fil-A? Skin ... Read on »
Who wants to eat fast food and still be healthy? by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 18 Jun 2009 12:19am I don’t know about you, but making a healthy lunch everyday is just not part of my lifestyle. It’s so much easier to eat at a fast food joint. Well, if you’re anything like this joggler, you’ll love this list of healthy options at fast food restaurants compiled by the good folks at [...] Filed under: Health, Nutrition, Weight | 4 Comments ... Read on »
Lucky Resolutions: Eat Healthy by Lucky V. Patient Expert Posted Tue 12 Jan 2010 2:55pm One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to start eating healthy. No more fast food, eat more salads. No chocolate or candy, eat more fruits and vegetables. No more soda, drink more water. These are very common rules for “eat well” diets. However, cravings are the biggest enemy. The human body needs sugars and carbohydrates. Yo ... Read on »
Is There Really Such a Thing as Healthy Fast Food? by Corina T. Posted Sun 10 Nov 2013 10:00am The answer to that generalized question is a limited “yes”- there truly is such a thing as healthy fast food. But that doesn’t mean you should start a new healthy eating plan of indulging in fast food meals three times a day. Just like everything else in life, moderation and balance is the key for […] The post Is There Really Such a Thing as ... Read on »
Weight Management and Fitness Forum 11th Edition by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 3:16pm Welcome to the Eleventh Edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum . We had a lot of great submissions for this edition. Thank you for all your participation in making this forum possible. We hope you enjoy the selections and please find information for the next edition at the ... Read on »
Healthy Fast Food For Modern Busy Lifestyle by Stella Chua Posted Fri 08 Oct 2010 11:43pm Healthy Fast Food – What is that? Healthy fast food is what your body needs. What body needs is Balance Nutrition. It is with moderate calories Contains good sources of protein from plant Contains sufficient fiber, essential vitamin and minerals Preparing time is as little as a minute Managing our weigh ... Read on »
My Top 3 "Healthy" Fast Food Options by Sarah Ohm Posted Tue 13 Aug 2013 7:10pm Hey loveys, Happy Wednesday ALREADY! And guess what? It's actually my Thursday because on actual Friday I'm attending canfitpro, North America's largest fitness conference and trade show! Yaaaaaye! It's one of my favourite weekends of the whole year, so needless to say I've been stoked about it for a while now. I wanted to write more of an ... Read on »
Making Healthier Fast Food Choices by Natural Weight Loss Blog Posted Sun 25 Mar 2012 3:37pm Every time I see a fast food commercial on the television telling me about there healthy and fresh food options I cringe. Healthy and fresh? There really isn’t anything healthy or fresh about fast food restaurants! If there were truth in advertising, the commercials for fast food would probably say “Incredibly dangerous: Will cause cancer, ... Read on »
Junk Food Fast Food & Weight Loss Pt 11 - Keys to Good Nutrition & to Eating Healthy Feast on Organic Whole Food by Josiah F. Patient Expert Posted Fri 16 May 2008 10:04am HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS - PT 11 Stop Eating Junk Food & Fast Food Today I'd like to continue this series on successful healthy . I'll be sharing practical things you can do to and to maintain a healthy weight for your height and body shape. These to and tips to will open a whole new world of health, life, healthy weight loss, and vitali ... Read on »