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Medical abbreviations deciphered! by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Posted Sat 06 Nov 2010 1:20pm I do tend to talk (type) in medical/nursing abbreviations and terms, so I thought I would create this post to help explain things. primip - a woman giving birth for the first time multip - a woman giving birth for the 2nd (or more) time grand multip - a woman who has given birth to at least 4 or 5 babies before AMA - against medic ... Read on »
Clozaril, not measurig up to standards in life, and thoughts on online dating by Jennifer aka Beautiful MInd Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Sun 05 May 2013 12:00am There are little annoyances with Clozaril. Drooling. I don't particularly feel happy to find myself drooling. It is rather disgusting. Then there is the dizziness. I almost fall down every day at least five times, because I lose my balance. Then there is the colossal pain in the ass of getting the Clozaril filled each week. The ... Read on »
Health Net Agrees to Stop Using Ingenix Database for Calculating Reasonable and Customary Fees by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 18 Jun 2009 10:44pm Also Ingenix is moving promptly to market additional business intelligence software to hospitals with the announcement of the Ingenix Revenue Manager.   It will connect with Ingenix Consulting services to identify causes for claims denials, prevent denials from happening, it states. “Ingenix Revenue Manager is comprised of three modules – Den ... Read on »
How many weeks pregnant am I ? by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 25 Mar 2011 11:47pm Many IVF patients get very confused about how the doctor calculates the age of their pregnancy ( = gestational age, in medical jargon). Logically, shouldn't it be from the day of the embryo transfer ? After all, it's only after the embryos are transferred that a woman can be considered to be pregnant ! However, doctors are not always logi ... Read on »
I Suck at Low Carb Dieting – Week 9 by Low Carb Confidential !. Patient Expert Posted Sun 22 Apr 2012 4:23pm Note: This is week 9 of what was supposed to be a 12-week experiment in low carb dieting. It seems to be about everything but. The past chronicles are  here , if this sort of stuff holds any interest for you. I’m starting my week where at a weight close to what I gravitate around: 206. I’d like to see if I can be less, um, erratic th ... Read on »
Spiced Peach + Date Protein + Fiber Bars by TheSmartCook Posted Mon 27 Aug 2012 5:03am When Heather decided that the D in would be Dates– –I immediately thought of the Larabar impersonators I used to make, aptly named Sara(h)bars.* *Spiced Apple + Cashew (S)ara(h)bars are still pretty phenomenal in my taste memory… [I also thought of the date pieces in oat flour from bulk bins I can consume more rapidly than might ... Read on »
Due Day? Due Week? Due Month? by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 16 Jun 2010 5:59pm Ah..the due date. The question everyone always asks. “When are you due?” Of course this day is then circled, highlighted and little stars are drawn around it on your calendar. It is so easy for the awaiting mother (and not to mention her family) to get very attached to this date. However, According to the American College of Obste ... Read on »
Date Your Mate - Week 6 by Erin Burns Posted Thu 17 Sep 2009 4:47pm How long have you been with your mate? Matt and I have been together almost 14 years. And while there are numerous things I enjoy that come along with long term love...there is one thing that I kinda miss. Make Out Sessions. If someone had told the single me, "After you're married, you don't really make out that much anymore," I pro ... Read on »
Highlights of the Week, Show Date & Details, Loving Lifting, The Secret by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Sat 24 Apr 2010 6:24pm Hi Bloggie Friends!  How's your weekend going so far?  Mine got off to a great start by getting a some time in at the gym.  I am absolutely loving lifting and what it's been doing for my body, and it's really only been a month since I started Training for Fitness Competitions !  I love feeling that rush when I lift (heavy) weights.  But the ... Read on »
PET SITTERS, ANEMIA, AND "DUE DATE".... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 31 Oct 2010 12:00am As we move into November, many of you who leave food and water bowls outdoors for your pets will be bringing the containers inside for the winter.  This would be a good time to follow some great advice from the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the Food & Drug Administration.  Here is their advice You may think of your dogs or cats as fam ... Read on »