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Mobility Exercise of the Week: Supine Alternating Shoulder Flexion on Doubled Tennis Ball by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 12 Aug 2013 11:14am In this installment of "Exercise of the Week," I've got a great drill you can use to improve upper extremity mobility.  I originally learned this from Sue Falsone of the LA Dodgers a few years ago.  We've found this to be super helpful not only with folks who have poor thoracic spine mobility, but also those who have limited shoulder f ... Read on »
Sad Tennis Day by Susan May Patient Expert Posted Tue 03 Aug 2010 12:28pm Nick didn’t do as well as he wish in singles yesterday. He lost the first game to a guy who had a double lung transpLant 8-1.He was transpLant five years ago. Nick had some good serves but the guy was better. That was it for Nick. Last night we watched Team Georgia take a silver in basketball. Not bad when we weren’t sure we would even h ... Read on »
Doubles by Lisa .. Posted Tue 26 Apr 2011 8:00am Tennis lessons = A lot of pink sportswear. [Alexandra and Lorelai's new take on giving each other bunny ears.] Watch out Venus and Serena, there are new sisters in town. Read on »
Update on Partial Knee Replacement by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Sun 08 Nov 2009 10:00pm This is a guest post by Kim Wright, PT and her husband James (Jay) Butler, MD. Kim is a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics and her husband is an orthopedic surgeon. They both practice in Houston, Texas. I asked Kim and Jay if they would share their knowledge and experience with knee osteoarthritis and knee replacement and they ge ... Read on »
Wii Your Way to A Great Date by Sara M. Patient Expert Posted Sat 20 Dec 2008 6:36pm The Wii is a great date idea and here’s why. 1. The Nintendo Wii comes with games that women like just as much as men. This is true—not just a marketing gimmick. You can play yoga, you can dance, you can pretend to be a rock star, and so much more. 2. You get to get up off your tush and actually do something instead of just staring at the s ... Read on »
Total Joint Replacement Educational Series Part 8: Activities After Total Joint Replacement by Dr. Tony DiGioia Medical Doctor Posted Fri 10 Oct 2008 2:12pm     Recommended With Experience Not Recommended Golf Ice skating/rollerblading Contact Sports Swimming Downhill skiing High Impact Aerobics Dancing Snow ... Read on »
Ankle, Hip, and Thoracic Mobility Training for Catchers by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 16 Mar 2013 8:25am Today, my good friend Joey Wolfe has a great guest post on the topic of training baseball catchers.  Joey's a really bright guy with a lot of experience on this front; I think you'll enjoy this. - EC One of the biggest challenges for young players is being able to make adjustments to their swing, throwing mechanics, running mechanics, etc. S ... Read on »
Hip Screening Connects Community with Expertise of Sinai Surgeon by Elizabeth Leis Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Aug 2011 6:00am “I heard something pop,” said Helen Lacy.  The pop was followed by a pain in her hip area. That’s never a good sign for anyone, especially for someone as active as Helen. The 74-year-young Baltimore native keeps a busy schedule. This includes playing doubles tennis twice a week in her “super seniors” tennis league. (On another sports note, Helen ... Read on »
Wonder drug that stole my memo ... by John R. Posted Thu 05 Jan 2012 7:43am Wonder drug that stole my memory Statins have been hailed as a miracle cure for cholesterol, but little is known about their side effects. I had just walked in to the party, and spotted a familiar face. "Oh, hi," I said brightly, "you're just the person I wanted to see: I had something to ask you." There was a pause. "Yes?" said my friend g ... Read on »
About Exercise: Back to the Basics by Kodjoworkout Posted Tue 13 Nov 2012 9:34pm As if you didn’t already know…But it’s always worth going over some basics, so I apologize in advance for those of you who already know all that I am about to say. What’s Exercise? Exercise is a particular form of physical activity (generally planned), executed with the ... Read on »