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Using Psychology to Lose Weight Because Dieting and Exercise Alone Don't Work by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 06 Sep 2012 5:05am, the website for women who want to lose weight, issued a white paper today about using psychology to lose weight. The author, Kenneth Schwarz PhD, a psychologist and psychoanalyst and co-founder of, wrote the paper because of the continuing high rate of weight-loss failure with the current standard formula ... Read on »
Diet test: Why don’t you lose weight? by Andrea Grace Patient Expert Posted Fri 27 Aug 2010 7:08am You are in a continuous diet without any results? You are not the only one…answer to these questions and find out what’s wrong and what to do to make it right! Test: 1.    What do you have for dinner? A.  Whatever I can find in the fridge or in the store (cheese, biscuits, pretzels) B.  I usually skip dinner because of the ... Read on »
Are You Going on a Diet to Do Something About Losing Weight ? Whether You Do or Don’t, Either Way You Face a Dilemma. by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 10 Feb 2011 5:00am Is it better to do nothing about losing weight than doing something and fail to live up to your expectations? It could be so. Psychological research on people feeling regretful about their actions and regretful about not taking action shows that people feel embarrassed, guilty, and other painfully self-conscious emotions when they act ... Read on »
Hollywood Cookie Diet: Don't Fall for Fake Food to Lose Weight by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:32pm About the only positive things I can say about the much-talked about Hollywood Cookie Diet is that it allows people to conveniently lose weight on the run and it encourages you to fuel up four times before dinner, thereby warding off blood sugar swings --- well, you hope. But, for the most part, I'm appalled by a diet that reveres and idoliz ... Read on »
Is This Your Weight-Loss Diet? Don’t Eat This, Don’t Eat That. by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 16 Dec 2010 5:00am What’s so good about restricting yourself when it comes to food and eating? One thing is certain; there are too many things that you will label as “bad”. “I can’t have this.” “I can’t have that.” “I can only have a little of this.” “Oh, I don’t dare even try that.” Does this sound like your weight-loss diet? If this is your way of dieting, ... Read on »
You Can't Lose the Weight If You Don't Stick to the Diet by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Tue 07 Sep 2010 2:00am My mother used to say I could never stick to anything for very long. She didn’t understand that girls and boys need to learn about that, you’re not born with it. You try things out, drop them, try other things, learn, go forward and fall back, hold on and let go, and that’s all part of growing up. Then, when you are ... Read on »
Top 10: If the clothes don’t fit…don’t wear them by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 16 Nov 2009 10:02pm by Brett Blumenthal Ever heard the phrase, “The clothes make the man”?  Well, they do…they make the man and the woman.  You may remember awhile ago I told you about my friend Kellie , who has been revamping her physical wellbeing through diet and exercise.  She continues to do wonderfully…so much so that she has had to buy new clothes.  A y ... Read on »
Meal Replacements Don't Help Obese Teens Slim Down by Medline Plus Posted Fri 17 Dec 2010 5:44pm Friday, December 17, 2010    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Replacing regular meals with shakes and prepackaged entrees boosts obese teens' weight loss in the early stages of dieting, new research shows. But these "meal replacements" were no better than a standard low ... Read on »
A Low Carbohydrate Diet works for weight loss. Don’t Believe the Hype! Useful Information to Be Aware of by Todd S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 01 Sep 2009 3:51pm When the typical individual embarks on a diet or fitness regimen in the aim of losing weight or building muscle mass, what they are usually instructed to do is to eat lots of protein and go on a low carbohydrate diet to accomplish either of the goals. Right there, an observer should see a red-flag: “How is it that the same dietetic suggestion ... Read on »
Weight-Loss Statistics Don’t Lie, But They Don't Tell All by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 03 Apr 2013 7:58am Did you know that between 2003 and 2008 64% of adults in the United States wanted to lose weight, and that 73% of them were women? Of the 64% of the adults who wanted to lose weight, 48% used some form of weight control and 37% tried losing weight. Perceiving yourself as overweight was the most important indicator of the desire to weigh le ... Read on »