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How Plus91 helps doctors to say Yes ! to medical software by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Thu 15 Oct 2009 10:01pm This is a follow up post from Aditya Patkar of Plus91. His earlier post discussed why Indian doctors say No to medical software. This explains how Plus91 gets them to say Yes ! 1. I am not IT savvy and do not want to invest in buying and learning new stuff. This is a good opportunity to make the doctor realize how Plus91's clever technology ca ... Read on »
Is Sugar Really the New Nicotine? Consortium of Researchers and Doctors Say Yes and That We Need to Fight It Just Like We Do Cig by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 05 Feb 2014 12:29am  Did you know lots of lip balm has sugar in it? Katy Perry, you’re welcome.  “Sugar is the new nicotine!” proclaims Action on Sugar, a consortium of scientists and doctors whose mission is to reduce sugar consumption and diabetes worldwide, in a new public awareness campaign. According to their press release , “This group wi ... Read on »
Do doctors grieve? This study says yes by Louise Posted Tue 05 Feb 2013 1:32pm Grief is natural, but no one talks about the loss doctors feel when their patients die, according to a qualitative study of 20 Canadian oncologists published in Archives of Internal Medicine . Because emotion is considered a weakness in medicine, doctors hide their feelings, researchers found. This harms them p ... Read on »
Physician claims charts were doctored in the Medical Records System at the Hospital by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 26 Mar 2009 3:53pm This is an interesting story here with the doctor challenging the hospital and it sounds like all were perhaps not getting along well, but the part about the hospital allegedly changing any patient records is very strange.  It sounds like an electronic records system is in place, so the good old audit trails will tell the story.  Some companies a ... Read on »
Ask the Doctor Your Medical Question Online at by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 18 Nov 2008 12:16am 1 Comment Ask the Doctor Your Medical Question Online at "Unsure if you got the correct medical advice? Too embarrassed to ask your physician what's really bothering you? Having to wait weeks or even months before your next doctor's appointment? Eliminate your worries right now and let our team of US board-certified medical specialists ... Read on »
Is Your "Doctor" an M.D. (Medical Doctor)? by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor Posted Sat 13 Sep 2008 4:48am With the increasing fragmentation of medical care, it is getting difficult to know if your principal doctor or specialists are medical doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, osteopaths, chiropractors, neuropathic doctors or ???? Now even nurse practitioners, who get a doctor's degree in nursing, are apparently calling themselve ... Read on »
Interview with a Medical Doctor with Sickle Cell Disease by Tosin Ola Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Fri 09 Apr 2010 12:46am I have decided to do a spotlight series on the careers possible for those with sickle cell. If you would like to be featured, please send me an email at sicklecellwarrior at gmail.  You all know that I am a nurse, but I would like to seize this opportunity to introduce you to the one and only, amazing, and inspiring, Dr. MD, who has graciously do ... Read on »
Do Medical Doctors and Chiropractic Doctors Get Along? by Dr. Gray Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Wed 06 May 2009 1:33pm 1 Comment Although relationships are changing, and I have personally experienced a large number of medical referrals, many of you are aware that MD’s and DC’s have not always seen eye to eye. Have you ever wondered why that is? The history of disagreement and animosity between the medical establishment and the chiropractic community is long and nasty. ... Read on »
Tenet Exploring A National Contracted Company To Provide Medical Services Which May Include Local Doctor Medical Groups To Save by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 02 Jun 2014 10:33pm This is a big deal for doctors here in California as there are quite a few local medical groups that contract with Tenet and according to this story in the middle of the state some doctors have already been told that their contracts may change, so doctors either leave or join the new group and see what changes lie ahead.  Emergency room doctors ... Read on »
Scribe Fever is Moving to the Emergency Rooms Across the Nation To Help Doctors With Medical Record Input In Order To Meet Produ by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 27 Jan 2011 3:50am By next month all the emergency room physicians will have a scribe at their service with entering information into a lap top or a tablet computer.  The article below states that across the country over 200 hospital emergency rooms are using scribes.  There are 3 big companies who provide them and they were the ones providing the numbers of hosp ... Read on »