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Beware of Ticks by Chris .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sat 10 Apr 2010 10:08am I love spring, but I hate the ticks it wakes up, ready for a warm-blooded snack. It’s the same for me this time of year. We’ll head out to the woods for a walk. I’ll feel itchy the rest of the day, swearing I feel ticks crawling on me. You don’t have to a backwoods hiker to get ticks. My nephew contacted Lyme disease from fishing along a ri ... Read on »
Causes, Symptoms, Diet and Home Remedies for Ear Ache or Infection by bruce Posted Thu 03 Mar 2011 10:00am It is true that ear infections mostly strike children. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is no possibility of ear infections striking adults. As a matter of fact, there have been cases in which this particular sickness strikes adults instead of children. With that being said, it becomes very important for adults to recognize ... Read on »
Fevers, and More Fevers...... by Pamela B. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 6:51pm I don't know what's going through our house, but man, my kids are really sick. Chloee missed school all last week. She had a constant fever, and body aches, and a cough. Now Hunter has it and seems to be even sicker than Chloee was. With his Asthma he always seems to get these things a little worse than the rest of the kids. He also i ... Read on »
Sang Ma Wan: Herbal Balls for Stress Relief! by BethGriffingLAc Posted Sun 10 Jun 2012 2:08pm Introducing: Sang Ma Wan, a simple yet effective Chinese Herbal formula in the form of a honey-based ball of goodness. To determine whether you are eligible for its use, watch the following video (as ever, from The Mighty Boosh series) and see if you, too, need more time with the kitten Phillip: If you feel the need to allow your anger t ... Read on »
Do You Know What’s In A Flu Shot? by Jeanne C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 17 Sep 2009 10:21pm Took Charlie to the chiropractor this afternoon.  He walked in the office and the massage therapist said, “Hey Charlie! Ready for your massage?”  Charlie said, “Oh yeah! But, is my massage going to be beautiful today?”  The therapist chuckled and said, “Only if you want it to be!”  Charlie said, “Oh yeah, I want it to be. I’m ready!” When we ... Read on »
Swine flu info available by Sarah W. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 22 Jul 2009 4:45pm Please note that information in this posting  should not be taken as being a replacement for conventional medical advice. I’ve been inundated with queries about swine flu over the last week, with worried patients asking about vaccinations, nosodes, suggestions for homeopathic help, and ideas for  natural health steps they can take to ... Read on »
A mi Madre by TorontoGirlWest Posted Sun 09 May 2010 8:59pm Hola Bloggies Today is Mother's Day and although I can't spend it with my mom (she's visiting the old country) I still wanted to share with you on the blog how very much I love her. My mom is, and has always been, my constant support and biggest fan. As I grow older I'd like to think our relationship has deepened. I am not only proud to c ... Read on »
Lyme Disease: City Slickers & Nature Lovers Alike Are Urged to Learn About this Fast-Spreading, Infectious Disease -- Author by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:32pm I just wrote and am posting the following press release. Feel free to pass it to your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Lyme Disease: City Slickers & Nature Lovers Alike Are Urged to Learn About this Fast-Spreading, Infectious Disease Author Rebecca Wells (“Ya-Ya” novels), Science Journalist Pamela Weintraub & Renowned Experts Tell You ... Read on »
How to treat jellyfish stings. Dr. Emily Altman, dermatologist NJ by DrEmilyAltman Posted Mon 29 Aug 2011 11:42am Jellyfish (also known as jellies or sea jellies or Medusozoa, phylum Cnidaria) are free-swimming, non-aggressive, gelatinous marine animals surrounded by trailing tentacles. These tentacles are covered with thousands of tiny barbed stingers. These stingers contain sacs (nematocysts) that are filled with poison (venom) that can cause a painful t ... Read on »
CONNECTICUT EVENT TO RAISE LYME DISEASE AWARENESS by Marjorie Tietjen Posted Wed 15 Jul 2009 8:07pm 20 Artists Paint Stony Creek Sunday to raise Lyme disease awareness Published: Thursday, July 9, 2009 By Donna Doherty, Register Arts Editor Stony Creek Gallery owner Susan Strickland, left, and Madison artist Kim Ruggiero, with one of her cottage paintings, are hosting a plein-aire paint-a-thon and Wet Paint Silent Auction Sunda ... Read on »