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Fungus Found in Sinks Can Cause Serious Infections by HealthFinder Posted Wed 28 Dec 2011 12:00pm healthnewslink Fusarium was the cause of an outbreak of hard-to-treat cornea infections in contact lens wearers. ... Read on »
Genetically Modified Fungi Kill Malaria-Causing Parasites in Mosquitoes by Medline Plus Posted Mon 28 Feb 2011 4:43pm Spraying malaria-transmitting mosquitoes with a genetically modified fungus can kill the malaria parasite without harming the mosquito, potentially reducing malaria transmission to humans, according to a new study published in the journal Science. Funded by the National Institute of ... Read on »
Chronic Stuffy Nose Often Caused by Fungi by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:03pm If your nose is stuffy during the pollen seasons in the spring and fall, check with an allergist. Allergy injections can help control your symptoms. If your stuffy nose started after puberty, you don't have allergies and your nose is stuffy 12 months a year, allergy injections usually are ineffective. Chronic sinus infections with nasal polyps ... Read on »
A SUMMER SONG AND PETS ON VACATION, PT. 2.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 05 Jun 2011 12:00am Judging from the e-mails received after last week's issue about "Pets On Vacation," many of you will be doing just that in the next several months.  This week's issue of Questions On Dogs and Cats will conclude the series with some reminders of what might happen once you hit the road with your pet and plenty of suggestions on how to a ... Read on »
A Fungus Among Us: The Real Cause of MS? by theselfhealingcoach Posted Thu 06 Dec 2012 10:55am Aspergillus Mycotoxin: How can something this microscopically beautiful be such an evil troublemaker? There’s a fungus among us. In fact, there are many. And where there are fungi, there are fungal toxins, known as mycotoxins. These, my friends, are – according to David Holland, MD – public enemy #1 in the battle against multiple sclero ... Read on »
Genetics Home Reference: chronic granulomatous disease by Posted Wed 08 Aug 2012 11:51am On this page: Description Genetic changes Inheritance Diagnosis Additional information Other names Glossary definitions Reviewed August 2012 What is chronic granulomatous disease? Chronic granulomatous disease is a disorder tha ... Read on »
There Are Actually 4 Different Types Of Nail Fungus Infections by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 06 Apr 2009 7:16pm A nail fungus is a disease that affect the nails of an individual, with the effect to discolor the nail, or give it a yellow, brown or dark coloration, and finally in the worst case it completely destroy the nails. These phenomena can affect the finger nails or more frequently the Toenails. The nail fungus is generally painless, except when ... Read on »
What Causes Disease? – Guest Post By Larry Berkelhammer, PhD by Lana B. Facebook Posted Thu 21 Jun 2012 12:00am Today I have a guest blogger.  I am honored to have Larry Berkelhammer posting on my blog today.  What Causes Disease? By Larry Berkelhammer, PhD Our State of Mind Directly Affects Our Health The early Greek metaphysicians as well as indigenous healers throughout history have known empirically that chronic emotional distres ... Read on »
What Is Causing Beta Amyloid Production In Alzheimer's And Autism? by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Mon 01 Oct 2012 12:00am By Teresa Conrick It is not new news that beta amyloid, a protein heavily studied in Alzheimer's disease has also been showing up in Autism 2006 - High levels of Alzheimer beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) in children with severely autistic behavior and aggression. 2011 - " The Weigel lab also reported observing secret ... Read on »
Leyland Cyprus Tree by strachey Posted Sat 08 Dec 2012 12:42am The Leyland Cyprus Leylandii tree resembles a typical Christmas tree and is often used as such cheap Jets jerseys. Naturally shaped in a triangular pattern, this tree can also be shaped by hand to form a bush like tree and can be used for privacy or to prevent severe wind. Growing in excess of 40 50 feet at maturity, this particular tree grows ... Read on »