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STD Signs and Symptoms by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 03 Mar 2010 7:54pm Whether you are single or married, straight or gay, if you have sex, you are vulnerable to STD’s.  You are at risk if you engage in vaginal, oral or anal sex.  Symptoms are not always noticeable and you should be tested if you think you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. Common STD Signs and Symptoms Here ar ... Read on »
If chlamydia infection remains untreated, it could possibly later infect fallopian tubes and cause salpingitis by winter1101 Posted Fri 30 May 2014 1:51pm How to cure frequent urination caused by UTI? Although the WM are only able to resist the reproduction of Chlamydia or alleviate some chlamydia positive symptoms. Actually, the WM cannot eliminate chlamydia infection drastically. Which, the WM antibiotic can alleviate some symptoms, nonetheless it would present an issue of recurrent attacks. ... Read on »
Untreated chlamydial infections can cause premature deliveries by winter1101 Posted Thu 04 Jul 2013 2:33pm Common transmission happens through unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Chlamydia symptoms in women, the symptoms may be- burning pain during urination, discharge from genitals, swollen testicles or pain in testicles, etc. In general, it is really important to understand the pathogeny of chlamydia to your recovery of patients. Indeed, this will a ... Read on »
It is extremely important to learn the pathogeny of chlamydia for any recovery of patients by winter1101 Posted Wed 25 Jun 2014 3:08pm What disease can chlamydia infection cause to men? Common transmission occurs through unprotected vaginal or anal sex. The symptoms may be- burning pain while urinating, discharge from genitals, swollen testicles or pain in testicles, etc. In ladies, symptoms may include- burning while urinating, discharge from vagina, lower back or abdominal ... Read on »
Signs And Symptoms Of Genital Herpes – STD Information by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Mar 2009 3:17pm If you think you may have contracted genital herpes, it is very important to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms, so you can organize treatment as soon as possible. Genital herpes is not the taboo disease it is made out to be, but due to social stigma, beside the painful symptoms, sufferers can often be plagued with feelings of anxiety, g ... Read on »
Over the past few years there are an increase in Chlamydia infections by winter1101 Posted Fri 30 May 2014 1:56pm How does mycoplasma cause genito-urinary tract infections? In reality, 50% off men with chlamydia trachomatis exhibit no symptoms by any means. With the men that had symptoms, the common symptom became a mucus discharge through the penis or pain while urinating. Chlamydia symptoms in women is easily cured by using a combination of antibioti ... Read on »
Health Between Your Legs by Anthony R. Patient Expert Posted Sat 09 Mar 2013 7:55am Guys, you are probably thinking about sex right now just because you are reading this. There is an old adage that says men think about sex every six seconds, but this has been refuted by a scientific study that was published in the Journal of Sex Research in its January 2012 issue. The study was done in Ohio State University and concluded t ... Read on »
Chlamydia infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease that can be extremely very painful by winter1101 Posted Tue 04 Mar 2014 4:53pm Herbal remedy for thick endometrium. Difficulties throughout sexual intercourse, urinating as well as an out of the ordinary virginal launch are guaranteed chlamydia symptoms involving females. It's also possible to hemorrhage involving a person's monthly fertility cycles as well as with no treatment chlamydia infection can lead to pelvic infla ... Read on »
Chlamydia infections can progress to serious health issues that typically damage the reproductive organs by winter1101 Posted Thu 04 Jul 2013 2:13pm If you've ever involved in unprotected sex (regardless of one partner) it can be crucial that exams are administered as chlamydia is a snap to pass through on and is also around in startling numbers. Antibiotics for Chlamydia. Inside your know for sure that you are a carrier that you might be infected and will spread the disease to others's ... Read on »
Many people experiencing chlamydia don't have knowledge of their infections by winter1101 Posted Fri 30 May 2014 1:47pm Swelling testicles is a common symptom of epididymitis. Itchiness, soreness, and genital discharge can be signs of infection. However, it's very normal and healthy for girls of childbearing age to get vaginal discharge. The amount and color of this can transform during menstruation, sexual excitement, and pregnancy. An abnormal discharge w ... Read on »