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Driving and Irlen Syndrome by Roger Wheaton Posted Wed 10 Dec 2008 12:36am Irlen Syndrome often affects depth perception. One outcome of this presents itself with difficulty driving. For me it made it difficult to tell when I had enough time to pass a car on a 2 lane road if another car was approaching. I also tended to come up behind cars too suddenly. In addition I had trouble with parallel parking. And the glare f ... Read on »
A Skyline Drive Virgin No More! by ajlesser Patient Expert Posted Sun 28 Jun 2009 10:22pm I remember growing up (and even as short as a few years ago), we'd drive down (and up and up and up) Skyline Drive. Within reasonable distance to DC, it contains the closest major mountain range, the Shenandoah Mountains. Skyline Drive is the most scenic road that takes you up and over numerous peaks, lookouts, camp sights, and also through part ... Read on »
Multifocal Contact Lens Not Ideal for Night Driving by Medline Plus Posted Mon 15 Nov 2010 2:00pm Progressive lenses work better, small study finds By Robert Preidt Monday, November 15, 2010 MONDAY, Nov. 15 (HealthDay News) -- People who wear multifocal contact lenses have more difficulty driving at night than those who wear glasses, a new study finds. Multifocal lenses correct near vision ... Read on »
Ten tips for driving with back pain and sciatica symptoms by jasmine a. Patient Expert Posted Wed 27 Jun 2007 12:00am When I had severe back pain and sciatica symptoms I found driving to be the task that was the most difficult for me and was one of the things that still caused me to get radiating pain down my legs even when I was so much better. I need to drive for my job, for a social life and just to get things done so I tried to work out what might ... Read on »
Health Tip: Don't Drive When Drowsy by HealthFinder Posted Mon 17 Oct 2011 1:00pm healthnewslink Signs it's time to stop for a rest (HealthDay News) -- If you've got a case of heavy eyelid ... Read on »
Warning Signs of Decreased Driving Abilities in People Who Have Alzheimer’s (Podcast, Text) by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Sun 22 Aug 2010 5:41am When does a person with dementia need to stop driving and how to tell them to stop driving in a respectful and considerate manner..... By Carole Larkin and Max Wallack Alzheimer's Reading Room Editor note: Carole Larkin is a geriatric care manager who specializes in dementia in the Dallas -- Ft.Worth area. One of the routine issues ... Read on »
Low Sex Drive – How Can A Woman Get Her Libido Back? (Video) by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Fri 15 Jul 2011 10:00am The libido changes in lots of ways throughout life, for both men and women. A low sex drive can mean a lot of things for a woman, especially after giving birth. Here’s how to figure out why she has a low libido and how to revv up your partner’s libido again after the baby is born. Question: My question is, since my wife gave birth 18 mont ... Read on »
Pre Christmas Hometown Drive by Odysseys of George Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Apr 2009 5:24pm Left to Alor Setar at 10.30am. My sister, Sherly and her kids were in the car with me. It was a going to be a Christmas reunion with some members of the family missing namely my eldest sister, Susan and her family, Raja, Suraj and Sara and just another person, Ruban. I am not good at long distance drive and have difficulty keeping my eyes wi ... Read on »
Drug Driving Campaign To Launch by Nick B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 18 Aug 2009 10:30pm A new television campaign will begin tonight to highlight the risks involved with drug driving after concerns are rising over young people who are driving after taking illegal drugs. The adverts, which cost £2.3 million to make, advise drivers that police officers can detect signs of drug taking if they are pulled over for another traffic offe ... Read on »
Driving at night: Boomers may notice it gets harder — article by Scott Keith by Scott Keith Patient Expert Posted Sun 01 May 2011 5:08pm Image via Wikipedia If you’re a baby boomer, you can probably recall that uneasy moment when your vision went south and you had to buy your first pair of “cheater” glasses. Chances are, your distant vision was OK, but, all of a sudden, you couldn’t read the words on a restaurant menu; you needed glasses whenever you cracked open y ... Read on »