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Moving from a jugular to a fistula: mixed feelings by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 06 Nov 2011 9:06pm When I was put on dialysis way back in 1997, I was given an AV Shunt. It was a small surgery, done in an Operation Theater. Dialysis was totally painless. The arterial and venous lines were connected to the two ends of the shunt and dialysis would be done. Shunts are outdated these days with the preferred mode of a temporary access for dialy ... Read on »
Bruit, or NOT going down without a FIGHT by Kelliann F. Posted Thu 11 Oct 2012 3:38pm Tuesday began normally, but after I got to work, I started experiencing some back pain in my upper/mid back - think shoulder blades and down a little. Totally inexplicable. I hadn't even worked out on Monday, so pain made no sense. Went through the day taking Tylenol and the pain getting a bit worse. Using the heating pad Tuesday night and not ... Read on »
les types de qualité de added de Casque Beats By Dre Pas Cher ont la caractéristique anti-bruit by ghjfghdf Posted Wed 17 Oct 2012 9:26am Puisque vous ne pouvez pas besoin de la fonction de réduction du bruit acclaim le temps, Casque Audio Beats sont livrés avec un interrupteur on / off cascade vous d'utiliser de sorte que lorsque vous n'avez pas besoin de la fonction particulière, il vous suffit de l'allumer et ainsi continuer à utiliser les Casque Beats Studio comme un appel o ... Read on »
Ce bruit Su Ming n'est pas la première by linshanzx Posted Fri 14 Dec 2012 11:48am     Au moment de franchir le pas, le Ming Su immédiate soudain une fleur, quand le tout effacer, il est apparu devant une montagne imposante.     Haute montagne élevée, ne peut  celine sac à main  le ciel bleu pâle jian, nombreux nuages ??ne peut voir son intérieur caché.     Un Tianhe plus tard dans les montagnes, le ciel, la connexion maj ... Read on »
Le bruit de leurs propres actions a l'oreille très by alajing2016 Posted Tue 06 Nov 2012 1:49am Associé avec des lunes approuvé, ainsi que 3, ainsi que le temps est devenu nuit animée que quelques superstars, mais les soldats sont arrivés sans aucun doute. De la planète sur laïque néanmoins, la voie d'une femme créé par neuf soleils contre des individus villages dans le monde, de nombreux clients ont commencé à s'inquiéter que nos hommes ont ... Read on »
Les Casque Beats By Dre et autres anti-bruits by rascal7520 Posted Sat 22 Jun 2013 1:39am Si in ear ou sur oreille, chacune de ces Beats By Dre Soldes de rechange possède une miche de critères tout à fait efficaces. Cependant, l’une des questions que les utilisateurs peuvent se sentir est, que même si les beats by dre écouteurs de casque sont bien conçus et fournissent l’exécution de haut-speck, l’amp intégré, le son de condui ... Read on »
Brain Lesions Nidus and Bruit what are the treatment options by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Sat 28 Dec 2013 4:32pm Senior Neurosurgeons explain the difference between cerebralRelating to the brain. aneurisms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and the types of treatments suggested by the Neurovascular Multi-Disciplinary Team. Cerebral Aneurysms can arise from weaknesses (lesions) in the wall of the cerebral blo ... Read on »
Kamal on dialysis - my dialysis video by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 19 Jan 2009 1:17am I had my brother take a video of me starting dialysis myself one night. A lot of editing - removing the inconsequential parts (and a couple of bloomers which I did not want anyone to see!) and I have three parts of the video. I finally shortened about 39 minutes of footage to less than 19 minutes. The first part covers the preparation of bicar ... Read on »
AKI requiring dialysis in the hospital: Does this mean I'm on dialysis for good? by Matt S. Posted Tue 23 Aug 2011 1:44pm As nephrology fellows we see a lot of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) on the inpatient consultative service. When AKI in the hospital requires dialysis people and their families naturally want to know whether this means long term dialysis will be required. The answer, as with many things in medicine, is it depends. AKI has a wide variety of ... Read on »
Six years of normalcy - Peritoneal Dialysis Part 1 by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 03 Aug 2008 6:06pm March 2006, Chennai, India "We're here to meet Dr. Georgi Abraham." "Doctor has not yet come, sir. Please wait. You're the sixth in the list." "Sixth!", I thought to myself. After he comes, it would be a good one hour atleast. My dad and I settled down in the waiting area on one of the upper floors of the Madras Medical Mission Hospital at ... Read on »