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Silver Eyes Like Jennifer Lopez From The 2011 Golden Globes by Jenny Sue .. Posted Wed 19 Jan 2011 10:42pm I was kind of infatuated with Jennifer Lopez's makeup from the Golden Globes on Sunday.  I know the whole natural and neutral look seemed to be the most popular makeup look amongst the stars, so I thought it refreshing to see someone push the makeup can only be impressed by a taupe eyeshadow after five or so celebs. ... Read on »
Halloween Food: Eyeball Rice Cereal Treats, Devil's Eye Eggs, Blood Clot Cranberry Dip, and I See You Meatballs by Glenna M. Posted Wed 02 Nov 2011 8:45am Bwahahahaha! Halloween--my very favorite holiday!  And a family favorite as well. No matter how old "our" kids get, this will always be our tradition: get together at Aunt Gonnie and Uncle Gene's house, eat great creepy food, dress up or dress down, take any little ones trick-or-treating the neighborhood and just hang out.. This y ... Read on »
Seen through loving eyes - The Boston Globe by Francine R. Patient Expert Posted Mon 21 Sep 2009 10:03pm Seen through loving eyes - The Boston Globe A nice article, as usual, from Beverly Beckham at the Boston Globe about her adorable granddaughter Lucy. Read on »
Ocular surface injuries in autoimmune dry eye. The severity of microscopical disturbances goes parallel with the severity of sym by Jan Posted Sun 20 Dec 2009 11:15pm Autoimmune dry eye (Sjögren's syndrome, SS) is a chronic systemic disease characterized by salivary and lacrimal gland inflammation and tissue damage leading to keratoconjunctivitis sicca and xerostomia. In this review attention has been devoted to the cause of the development of oxidative injuries of the ocular surface of patients suffering fr ... Read on »
The eyes have it – eye involvement in rheumatic diseases by Jan Posted Fri 11 Sep 2009 4:55pm It's not widely known, but eye problems, visual impairment and even blindness are not uncommon features of many forms of arthritis and rheumatic disease. Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) Rare, serious condition affecting the skin, joints and internal organs The most common complaint is dryness in the eyes. A minority of patients dev ... Read on »
Eye popping by Brad W. Medical Student Posted Tue 28 Oct 2008 9:46pm I'm back! Yes, Dear Reader, it's been too long, and I can't promise regular updates now that classes are in full swing, but I just couldn't pass up today's weird anatomy news flash Man sets sights on eye-popping record Sun Sep 17, 7:08 AM ET RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Claudio Paulo Pinto is looking to break an eye-popping record. ... Read on »
DOCTOR MY EYES...MIGHT NEED HELP by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 10 Jun 2012 12:00am OK, where were you in the summer and fall of 1972?  Yes, that's 40 years ago!  Helpful Buckeye can tell you that I was well into my curriculum in veterinary medical school at Ohio State...and doing a little substitute teaching on the side to help put food on the table.  I was doing the teaching at a mid-sized public school in subu ... Read on »
Testosterone for Dry Eyes by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Posted Fri 19 Mar 2010 9:50am Testosterone for Dry Eye Syndrome  by Jeffrey Dach MD  Mrs. B was 58 years old with typical menopausal symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes, and came to see me because of dry itchy, red eyes.  The lids sometimes swell because of the irritation.  Over the years, Mrs ... Read on »
Eye Serum or Eye Gel - Which Eye Treatment is the Best by Mark Robbins Posted Tue 07 Jul 2009 6:00pm Have you ever noticed that eye treatment have a series of different names, yet each of them claim to do pretty much the same thing.  Eye gels are often considered the latest and most effective of the different types of eye treatments, yet many consumers claim that eye serums are the way to go.  How is a consumer to choose the between the two? ... Read on »
One eye two eyes and three eyes------six by pandoracharms Posted Thu 02 Feb 2012 12:40am Suddenly, the witch appeared. She asked two eyes:“lovely two eyes. Why do you cry?”“could not I cry? They know you taught me the spell. They killed the goat. ”the poor two eyes , the poor pandora thought why she had this kind if life. every time when she passed some person , the mother would cherish the little children, they were so happy. Love was ... Read on »