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Methods and Compositions for Making Dendritic Cells from Expanded Populations of Monocytes and for Activating T Cells by Posted Mon 30 Jun 2008 5:00pm Description of Invention: The current invention embodies methods for easily generating large numbers of dendritic cells from IL-3 cultured populations of monocytes. Dendritic cells are potent antigen presenting cells which are capable of mediating a variety of cell-mediated (T cell) immune responses, and therefore are clearly ... Read on »
Dendritic Cell Vaccine Study Identifies Subset of Patients More Likely to Respond to Immunotherapy by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 16 Mar 2011 4:54pm If you have read any of the news over the last few years about Dendreon and Provenge, then this press release will make sense as the process used for Provenge is similar with using the patient’s own cells to create the vaccine that extends life.  The life expectancy on this study was up to 8 additional months.  You can read about ... Read on »
Gleevec for follicular dendritic cell tumor by Mark Levin Posted Wed 24 Jun 2009 7:01pm Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma is a rare, malignant, non-lymphoid cell-derived tumor that originates from B-lymphoid follicles of nodal and extranodal sites. These rare tumors form a spectrum within a rare and difficult to diagnose category of diseases known as histiocytic and dendritic cell neoplasms. It has been reported in around 100 case ... Read on »
MS Related: Dendritic Cells Ensure Immune Tolerance by stuart Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Nov 2009 10:20pm Science Daily ScienceDaily (Mar. 16, 2009) — One of the most important tasks of the immune system is to identify what is foreign and what is self. If this distinction fails, then the body's own structures will be attacked, the result of which could be an autoimmune disease such as diabetes mellitus type 1 or multiple sclerosis. The only ... Read on »
Potential Immunotoxic Effect of Thimerosal: Compound Alters Dendritic Cell Response in Vitro by Environmental Health Posted Fri 30 Jun 2006 9:00pm Potential Immunotoxic Effect of Thimerosal: Compound Alters Dendritic Cell Response in Vitro Formal Correction: This article has been formally corrected to address the following errors. ... Read on »
A 2011 dendritic cell-idiotype myeloma vaccination study…Part 1 by Margaret Patient Expert Posted Thu 21 Apr 2011 7:44am In January, I came across a study in “Blood” ( ), a study that I had posted about when it was first published in November 2010. It reminded me of a draft that I hadn’t finished (=a sequel to that initial November post), which frequently happens, I hate to say… In the past few days I have been revising and rewr ... Read on »
Immunomodulatory effects of vitamin D on monocyte-derived dendritic cells in multiple sclerosis by stuart Patient Expert Posted Fri 22 Oct 2010 12:00am In order to evaluate the effects of vitamin D3 on monocyte-derived dendritic cells (DCs) of relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis patients, DCs differentiation and maturation were evaluated in vitro based on surface phenotypic changes. The expression of CD14, CD83, CD1a, CD80, CD86, CD206 and C209 was analysed by fluorescence-activated cell ... Read on »
A 2011 dendritic cell-idiotype myeloma vaccination study…Part 2 by Margaret Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 May 2011 4:54am I decided to go ahead and finish Part 2 of my vaccination post even though I didn’t get any feedback on Part I (April 21st post), which, I confess, led me to think there might be no interest in the subject of myeloma vaccinations…Well, no matter, it is a subject of interest to , and this is blog , so here goes… Reading on…the ... Read on »
Cancer Vaccines – Harnessing a Patient’s Own Immune System to Fight the Disease by Sensitizing Dendritic Cells From Our Blood by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 29 Nov 2009 10:01pm There are many companies working with this type of formulation, instead of giving our body an element to fight cancer, the drugs such as Dendreon, now submitted to the FDA are the targets and could in time become a vaccine with adjusting how our cells react and use this to target the growth of tumors and cancer cells.  On the other side of the co ... Read on »
UCLA Scientists Discover New Way to Wake Up Immune System Using Nanoscale Vaults to Delivery Treatment for Lung Cancer by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 03 May 2011 8:01pm The new delivery method to fight tumors could become an off the shelf treatment as a new way to fight advanced lung cancer. As the press release states this would be wake up call for the body’s own system to go after the tumor once it has awoken to the fact that one exists and attack.  There are no noted side effects and a while back we can al ... Read on »