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How long light/brown discharges in your first trimester should last? by nenndre Posted Mon 26 Oct 2009 2:30pm I don't drink, don't smoke, and drug free... I think I am pregnant, just because of some symptoms i have for a week now... i started having light/brown discharges, not a lot, it doesn't make my day pad full nor a half... but was wondering how long usualy those discharges last? I have read that some woman experience in different ways.. but what's ... Read on »
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Sun 15 Jan 2012 4:16am I have a dark brown discharge after my period, lasting around 3 days and i now have lower abdominal pain? Follow @alvinblin Read on »
A trip to the hospital by Kodi Wilson Facebook Posted Fri 11 Sep 2009 4:59pm Well, it had been some time for Braden to be absent from the hospital, but this trip was entirely different. For once, it wasn't a respiratory problem, but a G.I. problem. We found out that his stomach and bowels had been bleeding, only discovered after a session with his vest airway clearance system, and a dark brown discharge was coming fr ... Read on »
green / brown cervical mucus discharge by memphis Posted Sat 15 Aug 2009 10:06am Hi i am 10 weeks pregnant with my second child and for the last month i have had the odd lower ab pain on and off and in the last couple of weeks i started getting this greeny coloured cervical mucus discarge on and of then in the last 24 hours i got a sticky greeny brown coloured cervical mucus discharge. i never had anything like this wit ... Read on »
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Sun 31 Jul 2011 5:20pm Dark brown vaginal discharge. Read on »
DOCTOR MY EYES...MIGHT NEED HELP by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 10 Jun 2012 12:00am OK, where were you in the summer and fall of 1972?  Yes, that's 40 years ago!  Helpful Buckeye can tell you that I was well into my curriculum in veterinary medical school at Ohio State...and doing a little substitute teaching on the side to help put food on the table.  I was doing the teaching at a mid-sized public school in subu ... Read on »
Brown Periods- Help? by Jennifer C. Posted Tue 06 Oct 2009 10:27pm I'm a college student and I'm 19. I'm not sexually active. I went to the doctor and they told me I have a UTI. I thought this was the only thing going on.   I've been on Yaz for 3 years now because I have hypothyroidism and my periods were irregular, painful, and just flat out horrible. For the last two months I've had dark brown, clumpy, v ... Read on »
Dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch, M.D. Talks Brown Spots by Nicki Z. Patient Expert Posted Wed 19 Oct 2011 4:29pm Whether caused by sun damage, skin inflammation or aging, the origins of dark spots and uneven complexion lie deep within the skin. “Melanin is what gives skin its color and in excess can result in the appearance of dark spots and discoloration,” explains Dr. Ranella Hirsch, board-certified dermatologist. “This can be the result of UV expo ... Read on »
Dark Chocolate Dark Brown Sugar Cookies by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Sun 30 Jun 2013 3:42am I’ve been wanting to make chocolate sugar cookies for awhile. But not just any sugar cookies because I don’t even really like sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are usually too crispy, crunchy, and dry. Those adjectives don’t belong with cookies. These cookies are moist, soft, and chewy. And thick. So you can really sink your teeth i ... Read on »
Black & White Cookies: Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip & Dark Chocolate Dark Brown Sugar by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Mon 30 Sep 2013 4:47pm I’ve never smooshed and baked two different kinds of cookie dough together until now. I’m so happy I did. I was going to do peanut butter and chocolate, but thought that a black and white cookie would be fun. These cookies combine two of my most popular recent recipes. The white halves are  Softbatch Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip ... Read on »