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green / brown cervical mucus discharge by memphis Posted Sat 15 Aug 2009 10:06am Hi i am 10 weeks pregnant with my second child and for the last month i have had the odd lower ab pain on and off and in the last couple of weeks i started getting this greeny coloured cervical mucus discarge on and of then in the last 24 hours i got a sticky greeny brown coloured cervical mucus discharge. i never had anything like this wit ... Read on »
Plug it. by Taking Heart Registered Nurse Posted Sun 17 May 2009 11:26pm 1 Comment Okay. I don't want to sound negative. I am not a grouchy biddy of a labor and delivery nurse just yet. I, in fact, love labor and delivery. I love pushing with moms... I love watching them experience that moment where they meet their child. That beautiful moment where they fall in love... no strings attached... with a miracle. That aside. ... Read on »
Is It a Cough or Asthma - Both - Cough Varient Asthma by Jennifer O. Patient Expert Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 6:37pm I love to watch that show Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery Health Channel. I don't like the show because I am all that interested in medicine, or science, I like the show because it reinforces an idea that I initially had a lot of trouble with - Doctors frequently have no idea what they are talking about. I think I grew up believing Doctors w ... Read on »
Cough 101 or Why Won’t that Cough Go Away? by VidyaSury Facebook Posted Tue 07 Jan 2014 7:44am That question about the cough haunts us and usually takes us three  months to answer. I’ll tell you why. It is that time of year when we, and everyone we meet has some stage of the cold, cough and ‘flu. This is considered normal and depending on what stage we’re at, some of us go […] The post appeared first on . Read on »
Brown Rice Waffles Brown Rice Waffles (Gluten by Dana Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:13pm Brown Rice Waffles (Gluten Free) I was very surprised (and happy) that these waffles, made from brown rice flour, were as tasty as they were. Another keeper! These are perfect for a "breakfast in bed" for Mother's Day! :) Unfortunately, I can' ... Read on »
Immortalized Transformed Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines from Patients with Fran?ois-Neetens Mouchet?e Fleck Corneal Dystrophy (CFD) by Posted Tue 22 Sep 2009 5:00pm Description of Invention: Researchers at the National Eye Institute, NIH, have made available a set of immortalized transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines created from human T-lymphocytes obtained from patients with François-Neetens Mouchetée Fleck Corneal Dystrophy (CFD). The cells were transformed with defective Epstein-Barr ... Read on »
October 24, 2008 Learn what your winter cough could be with COPD or by Roxlyn Facebook Posted Fri 24 Oct 2008 11:11am What your winter cough could be trying to tell you...ByAngela Epstein It's the time of year we all start getting coughs. Most clear up within a few days, but if yours doesn't, it could be the sign of something more serious... While most coughs clear up within days, around 20 per cent become chronic and some can persist for years. It's importa ... Read on »
Cough due to Pasma or Worms? by Nanay's daughter Posted Sat 11 Aug 2012 2:18pm Before I talk about Pasma or Worms as a probable cause.. let me just rule out bacterial/viral infection as a cause of my cough. I am pretty sure it wasnt bacterial/viral as 1. I dont have fever 2. I did not infect my daughter (who co sleeps with me) and my office mates who sit so close to me 3. my phlegm/mucus is not yellow/green but white and ... Read on »
Blogging in 'a roaring, foam flecked sea' by Garth M. Patient Expert Posted Tue 07 Oct 2008 7:21pm I was alerted to this piece in the Guardian by Nick Cohen by Dr Crippen. It seems that someone is rather keen to go on the attack against the blogging medium in a rather clumsy and hap-hazard fashion. The piece centres around the esteemed author being one of the judges for the 2007 Lulu Blooker prize. Reading between the lines it seems t ... Read on »
Morning glory with flecks of pol ... by david hamilton Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 May 2009 12:19am Morning glory with flecks of pollen  Read on »