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Levi Leipheimer pulls of of Tour de France with broken wrist by Roman M. Patient Expert Posted Fri 17 Jul 2009 10:03pm Team Astana has lost a star just before stage 13 of the Tour de France. Levi Leipheimer has pulled out of the Tour De France with a fractured wrist he sustained in a crash at the end of stage 12. " About to have surgery, they' re putting a screw in the Scaphoid, transverse fracture. They' re taking very good care of me here in France," L ... Read on »
Type 3 fracture dens Onotoid Process by Sevendaver Posted Thu 24 Sep 2009 7:19am On August 30, 09 I had a violent and near tragic bicycling accident.  I went over a cliff on the Niagara escarpment in Ontario Canada and fell over 40 feet into the trees and rocks where I eventually came to a rather soft landing in the muck.  I was diagnosed with the above mention fracture by a Neurosurgeon.  I was given all of the appropriate sen ... Read on »
Where Are You Most Likely to Get a Stress Fracture? Research to Help You Catch Potential Stress Fractures Early by runnersconnect Posted Tue 12 Mar 2013 6:00am A stress fracture is one of the most feared running injuries . With a virtually guaranteed six or eight-week layoff from running, the prospect of sustaining one is unsettling even to veteran runners who have dealt with other injuries. Additionally, the fact that it’s a bone injury—something we usually associate with hard falls or other traumati ... Read on »
fracture healing part 2: rehab and ways to speed recovery by Tawnee Prazak Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 23 May 2014 2:59pm I hoped to have this Part 2 out a little sooner, but I've been working away this week and totally able to do so, yay! At the bottom of this post, you can check out my wrist progress report and day-to-day list of tasks that I've slowly been able to do again... wondering if my progress and ability to do the things listed occurred at an accelerated ... Read on »
Complications Following Distal Radius Fractures by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 6:06pm This week’s guest post is from TrevorWinnegge PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CSCS.  Your may recognize the name, Trevor is a frequent commenter here on this website.  Trevor has been practicing PT for over 8 years. He graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelors in PT and a master of science degree. He also graduated from Temple University with a D ... Read on »
There’s Nothing “Humerus” about Fracturing your Funny Bone! by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Wed 30 Jul 2014 3:31pm Five weeks ago my life changed in an instant when,  while running fast downhill on an uneven rocky trail, I tripped on a rock and tumbled down hard, landing directly on my left elbow on a rock. The impact felt like someone had struck a hammer against the back of my elbow and I sensed something snapped off in the impact. Sure enough, a few hours ... Read on »
Recovering from a wrist or ankle fracture: pain-related fear, catastrophising and pain influences outcome by Bronwyn T. Occupational Therapist Posted Wed 09 Dec 2009 10:04pm I have no idea how many wrist and ankle fractures occur every year, but I can bet it’s not a small number by any imagination. For most of us, I’m guessing we’d expect to have a fracture, wield a wonderfully-autographed cast, get it removed and go on our merry way – but after reading this article, and having seen some very sad peopl ... Read on »
Fosamax Induced Fractures, More Bad News by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Posted Sun 14 Mar 2010 5:41am Fosamax Induced Fractures, More Bad News by Jeffrey Dach MD As if Fosamax didn't have enough problems, another nail was hammered into the coffin at the 2010 AAOS Meeting . Two more studies came out showing Fosamax disturbs bone formation, and implicates Fosamax in s ... Read on »
Nutrient For Fracture Healing by DrGibson Posted Mon 09 Jan 2012 8:00am A cast or boot, crutches or wheelchair all become old very fast.  Nobody likes being limited. Therefore it is important to understand how to best improve your healing potential and what should be avoided that may limit your healing potential. I fractured my foot over a year ago and had the same question.  Daily I continue to get this question, ... Read on »
How to speed up stress fracture recovery by Wholewheatorbust Posted Tue 25 Sep 2012 2:21am So, you got yourself a stress fracture. You probably found this blog post because you have been put into a boot or cast, can’t play your beloved sport, and are feeling thoroughly depressed. While being injured really sucks, there are things you can do to heal yourself both physically and mentally. what to doooo with this boot Kee ... Read on »