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Corn Syrup, Corn Oil, And Sugar: Registered Dietitian-Approved? by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 13 Apr 2011 12:02pm What would you say if I told you the folks at Marlboro had assembled a team of dedicated pulmonologists to be part of an advisory panel?  Imagine, too, that these hired health professionals would occasionally appear on various media platforms to publicly defend tobacco’s reputation.  Although it wasn’t uncommon to see doctors end ... Read on »
Garlic Oil, Diabetics and Cardiovascular Health!!! by Dr. Virashri R. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Tue 11 Jan 2011 12:30pm People with diabetes who incorporate garlic oil into their diet may improve their heart health, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Previous reports have found that an estimated 80 percent of all deaths among people with diabetes are caused by heart disease. Among the different types of these illne ... Read on »
Get the “skinny” on healthy fats….a comparison of cooking oils by The Savvy Sister Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Thu 11 Aug 2011 12:12pm Cooking has gotten a lot more complicated than when your mom was in the kitchen.  The choices then were: pot roast or steak? baked or fries? crisco or lard? This is an actual British ad from the 1940's Now that we know a thing or two about healthy eating, the choices are more…um…palatable.  Instead of crisco or ... Read on »
Coconut Oil, Health, and Digestion by Comfy Tummy Patient Expert Posted Fri 14 Aug 2009 6:33pm 1 Comment I first learned about Coconut Oil years ago, after I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and was reading everything I could about nutrition and health. The first book I read that mentioned it was The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. In the book, he explains how the human body is not meant to digest or process man-made foods, but how it’s de ... Read on »
Olive Oil Fights Breast Cancer in Multiple Ways by Aaron Tabor Medical Doctor Posted Wed 07 Jul 2010 6:45am Numerous research studies have suggested that a Mediterranean style diet has many health benefits, including for heart health and breast cancer.  Olives and olive oil are important parts of a Mediterranean style diet.  In fact, some research has suggested that olives and olive oil provide some of the most active nutrients and antioxidants found i ... Read on »
Dear Mark: Rancid Fat, Store-Bought Mayo and Rice Bran Oil by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 28 Mar 2011 1:10pm It’s been a while since I published a post and it’s been a fairly anemic news week, so I thought I’d address a trio of (related) reader questions. If you’ve ever wondered what it means for a fat to be rancid (both for the fat and your body if you consume it), whether eating just a little store-bought every once in a while is all that bad, ... Read on »
Fish oil helps tamoxifen fight breast cancer by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Thu 07 Apr 2011 12:00am - Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, with more than 200,000 women diagnosed each year. Being exposed to estrogen over a long period of time is one factor that can increase a woman’s risk of developing the disea ... Read on »
Oils won’t make you fat by Marta M. Posted Tue 07 Feb 2012 5:09pm Oil is fat. So people might think fats make us fat. It’s not that simple. Certainly, oil is fat; but not all fats are created equal. Not all fats are dangerous and eating fat won’t make you fatter than eating any other type of nutrients in excess. A tablespoon of oil has around 120 calories no matter what type of oil you drip into you ... Read on »
Misleading Heart-Healthy Vegetable Oil Claims by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 09 Feb 2014 7:00pm, a food and nutrition web site that believes that healthy foods can prevent disease and illness, is reporting on a new study that found that vegetable oils such as sunflower, safflower, and corn oils, should not be allowed to be labeled as heart-healthy, as their health benefits are not clear. ... Read on »
Virgin Coconut Oil: Healthy To Eat, Healthy To Wear, Healthy For You by WisdomThatHeals Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:05pm Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the absolute best oils you can possibly use for cooking and baking and it has so many benefits that I just had to devote a blog to it. The first thing that you should know is that not all saturated fats are bad for you. The saturated fat in coconut oil is actually very good for you and can even help you to lose ... Read on »