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Calcium / Calcis / Coral Calcium Supplements & Products by franklinb Posted Tue 03 Nov 2009 10:01pm Calcium / Calcis / Coral Calcium Supplements & Products Calcium Supplements and products that contain calcium and coral calcium supplements. Calcium Ionic Mineral Supplement, Fully Absorbable, 700 +/- ppm - 16 fl. oz. WaterOz Ionic Calcium is a pure liquid Calcium supplement. Calcium is one of the most ess ... Read on »
The Coral Trend - Quick and Simple Coral Eyes by kajalcouture Posted Wed 16 Jun 2010 8:43pm Coral is HOT this spring, both in fashion and in the makeup world. It is easiest to wear coral on the lips or on the cheeks, but coral is also a great shade for eyes, as long as you don't over do it...cuz then you'll look like you were in a rumble....kapow! This is a quick coral eye look I did the other day using the following: MAC Goldmine sha ... Read on »
Coral Reef 911: Corals Attacked by Seaweed Use Chemical Signals to Summon Help by National Science Foundation Posted Thu 08 Nov 2012 2:30pm Corals under attack by toxic seaweed do what anyone might when threatened--they call for help. Results reported this week in the journal Science show that threatened corals send signals to fish "bodyguards" that quickly respond to trim back noxious algae, which can kill the coral if not promptly removed. Sci ... Read on »
Expiration Date Extension for North American Coral Snake Antivenin (Micrurus fulvius) (Equine Origin) Lot 4030026 Through Octobe by FDA Posted Thu 17 Oct 2013 9:01am Important Notification   This is to provide you with important information regarding Antivenin (Micrurus fulvius) (Equine Origin), commonly referred to as North American Coral Snake Antivenin.  Antivenin (Micrurus fulvius) (Equine Origin) is indicated for treatment of envenomation by Micrurus fulvius ... Read on »
Information for Health Care Professionals: Anticipated Short Supply of Coral Snake Antivenom (Pfizer Inc. ) by FDA Posted Thu 18 Nov 2010 7:15am May 18, 2010 This information is intended to alert health care professionals about the anticipated short supply of Antivenin (Micruris fulvius) (Equine), commonly referred to as North American Coral Snake Antivenom.  Licensed Coral Snake Antivenom Supplies The manufacturer, Pfizer Inc. (formerly Wyeth Pharmaceu ... Read on »
Mineral of the Week: Coral Calcium by Lucky V. Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Sep 2008 2:21am Calcium is a very important essential mineral in the human body. The most abundant mineral in our system is needed to form bones and teeth, but also required for blood clotting, transmission of signals in nerve cells, and muscle contraction. People are always wondering one thing about calcium: which form is best? Several forms are good ... Read on »
CoralActives Retinol Exfoliating Cleanser by Shannon N. Posted Tue 16 Nov 2010 9:04pm When I was younger I would often use Oxy cleansing pads or their topical creams to treat pimples that always seemed to emerge at the worst possible times. What I hated most about it, was that it dried out my skin. I would apply it in a circle covering the pimple and within a day I would have a circle of peeling skin. So if people weren’t sta ... Read on »
4 Coral Blushes from tarte, Le Métier de Beaute and Benefit Cosmetics by Shannon N. Posted Thu 02 Jun 2011 8:30am Hi! I’m Cindy, the editor of Prime Beauty , a beauty blog for women 40 & over and in the prime of their lives! I’m so excited to be guest posting on A Girls Gotta Spa! thank you Shannon! Prime Beauty is packed with articles on skincare, makeup, product reviews, new product launches, makeup tips and tricks, and giveaways! Features include Fruga ... Read on »
In Hot Water: Global Warming Takes a Toll on Coral Reefs by Environmental Health Posted Mon 30 Jun 2008 9:00pm In Hot Water: Global Warming Takes a Toll on Coral Reefs Formal Correction: This article has been formally corrected to address the following errors. Jump to ... Read on »
Fun Food: The Coral Snake Snack by Amy R. Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 May 2011 6:55am Although Erica thought this snack looked more like a caterpillar, and TJ asked if they were supposed to be dragons, everyone was intrigued.  To make the snake, we skewered slices of strawberries and bananas until we had a snake body.  This could supplement a great lesson if you wanted to talk about Coral Snakes ! To make this snack ... Read on »