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Age Change #3--Crooked Teeth by Dr. Thomas Gibbs Doctor of Dentistry Posted Thu 11 Sep 2008 5:53pm Why-- €”Over time teeth change positions far more than most people realize €”the changes occur slowly! Fewer than 10% of us have teeth in the same position in our fifties as we did in our twenties. Typically teeth want to more forward which often results in crowding of the front teeth. If bone loss or gum disease is present the teeth ma ... Read on »
Orthodontic Braces for Teeth by Jackson Heights Orthodontics Facebook Posted Mon 13 Sep 2010 8:23pm Dental irregularities including improper bites and misalignment of teeth can cause serious health issues. With the help of orthodontic braces, bite position and alignment of your teeth can be adjusted perfectly to give you a much more improved appearance as well as physical fitness. Orthodontic Braces Can Rectify All Malocclusions of Your ... Read on »
Orthodontic Braces to Align Teeth by Jackson Heights Orthodontics Facebook Posted Sat 15 Jan 2011 3:25am Orthodontic braces are effective options to align your teeth and give you an improved facial appearance. Due to the remarkable advancements in technology, more convenient and easy to use orthodontic braces in metallic and non-metallic varieties are now widely available. Comfortable Alternative to Improve Your Smile Orthodontic braces ca ... Read on »
Brace Yourself by PinkLAM Posted Tue 22 Jun 2010 2:41pm Tomorrow I leave for Orlando to go to AG Bell 's biennial convention .I'm really looking forward to meeting up with old friends, as well as making some new ones.  I haven't heard of many other bloggers/readers coming to the convention (sounds like everyone is still recuperating from the HLAA convention in Milwaukee!), but if you're going to be ... Read on »
Veneers Instead of Braces? Seems the Push Is On by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry Posted Wed 22 Feb 2012 10:00am Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot more tweets like this one: Veneers are a cosmetic treatment. They may be done for practical reasons – to restore a chipped or discolored tooth, say – but their main purpose is to improve appearance. Braces and other orthodontic treatments improve appearance, too, but that’s not ... Read on »
East Coast Braces for Hurricane Irene; Here’s How to be Prepared! by Chelsea Green Patient Expert Posted Fri 26 Aug 2011 3:35pm As the first major storm of the 2011 Hurricane season closes in on the East Coast megalopolis (the giant city stretching from DC to NYC), we’d like to take a moment to encourage you to get prepared. Hurricanes can cause severe damage to infrastructure you probably take for granted, but without which your home and city simply won’t ... Read on »
Adult Orthodontics NYC by Jackson Heights Orthodontics Facebook Posted Wed 27 Oct 2010 7:38pm The field of orthodontics has witnessed great advancement and now there are a range of orthodontic procedures that can significantly improve your facial appearance. Adult orthodontics involves the treatment options available for adults who wish to correct their dental abnormalities.   Efficient orthodontic procedures are offered at leading orthodon ... Read on »
Braces and Orthodontists: Here’s all You Need to Know by Kodjoworkout Posted Wed 27 Mar 2013 9:05pm In this article we’re talking about the orthodontic treatment – what orthodontists do, how do you choose the right one in your local area and what you have to pay to get the right treatment. Let’s say a person who lives in Springfield MO has had his or her twice annual visit to the dentist and the dentist tells him or her to visit an ... Read on »
Brace and Cooper: Writers in Residence Interview by Lindsey G. Posted Wed 15 May 2013 9:17am I am really glad Eric Brace – long a writer for the Washington Post and front man for his D.C. based roots rock band, Last Train Home – decided to move to Nashville ten years ago.  If he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t have met Peter Cooper, and the Americana world would have suffered for it. Brace – singer, songwriter, and founder/owner of Re ... Read on »
Orthodontic Treatment - Get a Confident Smile by Jackson Heights Orthodontics Facebook Posted Tue 08 Feb 2011 8:01am Healthy straight teeth and an appealing smile can definitely boost your self-confidence. With the help of advanced orthodontic treatment options people of all age groups can straighten their misaligned teeth and get a confident smile without enduring much discomfort.   Orthodontic treatment addresses complicated dental abnormalities such as ... Read on »