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Bayer Buys Conceptus Contraception Device Company for Around a Billion by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 30 Apr 2013 2:13am You may or may not have heard of the product but it is a device that functions like having one’s tubes tied to prevent an egg from traveling via the fallopian tubes except the procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office and it is a permanent solution.  Essure is the name of the product and it has been around for while.  This was a bidding ... Read on »
An Update On The Use Of My Contraceptive Device – The Ladycomp by Fran K. Patient Expert Posted Sun 05 May 2013 8:11am Unfortunately it has been almost two years since I’ve used my ladycomp. It broke down in Peru and it has been somewhat of a drama to get it repaired. It’s finally working now and waiting for my arrival in Australia in a couple of weeks time. It will be great to be able to start using it again. More in the video… And here is the ... Read on »
Comparing and Contrasting Female Contraception Methods: Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) by Krystal Plonski Posted Wed 29 Feb 2012 2:37pm Contraception is a huge issue for females, whether politically or religiously charged, there is going to be some debate, dispute, and disagreement among many different groups. This post is not to delve into those realms of contraception (although, if you want to have a mature & private discussion, feel free to email me), but to provi ... Read on »
Just How safe are contraceptives by Yusuf Posted Sat 28 Jun 2008 12:00am Women in the UK are taking contraceptives to stop themselves from getting pregnant, but can it be that there really are no side effects to taking the pills, injections and what not. The medical profession have made such an important and serious issue seem like a child in a candy store choosing sweets. Here in Englan ... Read on »
‘Virtue, Vice, and Contraband: A History of Contraception in America’ by Thomas S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 16 Sep 2009 10:13pm Some of you may remember Jim Edmonson’s talk here in Copenhagen three years ago about the plans for a new exhibition at the Dittrick Medical History Center and Museum, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, on the history of contraception. Jim/Dittrick eventually secured funding for it. So tomorrow the new exhibit — ‘Virtue, Vice, ... Read on »
More Than 70,000 Kids Injured by Medical Devices Each Year by Medline Plus Posted Mon 26 Jul 2010 1:00pm Contact lenses, IV tubes lead list of items causing trips to the ER, study shows Monday, July 26, 2010 MONDAY, July 26 (HealthDay News) -- Injuries from contact lenses, intravenous tubes and other "medical devices" send more than 70,000 American children to emergency rooms each year, a new study shows. ... Read on »
Acne, Depression And The Contraceptive Pill by Fran K. Patient Expert Posted Mon 13 Apr 2009 11:13pm I recorded this video in response to a question by Laura, who wrote the Acne Dysmorphia article. If you haven’t read her story I highly recommend it, especially if you ever feel down or depressed about your acne - Living With Acne Dysmorphia - Desperation For A Clear Complexion And here’s the link to the Lady-Comp, that little contrace ... Read on »
Mooncup advice by Nicci T. Health MavenFacebook Posted Thu 22 Dec 2011 10:50am Hi Nicci I’m in the middle of my first period using the Mooncup.  I too felt nausea and dizziness on my heaviest day. So much so that I felt a bit panicky and took it out. I tried to put it in again, but it hurt, as I couldn’t fully insert it. I think because I was feeling panicky. So I used tampons that day as it hurt so much. When I tried ... Read on »
VON Willebrand Disease by Noman Khan Posted Tue 23 Jun 2009 6:54pm What Is von Willebrand Disease? Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is a bleeding disorder. It affects your blood's ability to clot. If your blood doesn't clot, you can have heavy, hard-to-stop bleeding after an injury. The bleeding can damage your internal organs or even cause death, although this is rare. In VWD, you either have ... Read on »
Diaphragms by findingeve Patient Expert Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:12am Diaphragms are a popular type of contraception that consist of a sheath of silicone or latex around a circle-molded spring that is placed in the vagina prior to intercourse to prevent sperm from entering the uterus.  Having discussed with many women my age various types of contraception, the diaphragm is probably one of the least discussed ... Read on »