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California Whooping Cough Epidemic Continues by CA Dept of Public Health Posted Fri 27 Jun 2014 9:40pm 1,100 new cases have been reported in the last two weeks The number of pertussis (whooping cough) cases in the state continues to climb, Dr. Ron Chapman, director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and state health officer reported today. In the past two weeks, 1,100 new cases of pertussis have been reported to CDPH. Thi ... Read on »
My cough went through several stages by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 08 Jan 2011 3:44pm I didn't run this past week, because I rested from running and gave my body a chance to recover from a serious cough and drippy nose. My wakeup heart rate was in the high 60s and low 70s during the week, even though I slept well during the week. It is still high (61 this morning), indicating my body is still tired. After my last run, which was ... Read on »
August 28, 2008 COPD Lung-Cough-Squeeze ribs might = costochronditis by Roxlyn Facebook Posted Mon 01 Sep 2008 7:09pm Today my continuousCoughing seems to be decreasing, still cough, not as violently. My primary doctor, who diagnosed the costochondritis did check for broken ribs too. Evidently it is fairly common for severe coughing to cause rib cracking, so I guess I am lucky to only have tearing between the chest wall and ribs.This next site, first one exactl ... Read on »
Hurricane Sandy’s Health Woes Continue by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Fri 30 Nov 2012 12:00am The prolonged recovery from Hurricane Sandy is continuing to take a mental and physical toll on residents of the East Coast who are still cleaning up flood, fire, and wind damage. In the hard-hit coastal communities of Queens, N.Y., residents have dubbed their deep hacking “Rockaway cough” or “Sandy cough.” Continue reading this report f ... Read on »
No stranger bond - 2 by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 10 Sep 2012 8:30pm (This is the second part of a short story No stranger bond. You can find the full story here .) Sharada Subramanyam finished her session and was out of the unit by around 12:30. Madhu came to pick her up in time and drove her to their house which was about ten minutes away. In the meantime, the old man that was brought in to the unit rega ... Read on »
Can Rock'n Rye help reduce coughing? by Neil Kao Medical Doctor Posted Tue 23 Mar 2010 12:00am Cough is the second most common reason that people see doctor's.  So out of the myriad of reasons, cough is way up there.  Is there any mysterious about this?  It is very common and very annoying, so there is strong motivation for the many people who cough to go to the doctor. I was asked by a desperate mom today about what to do for her ch ... Read on »
Recognizing Sinusitis by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 3:57pm The infection of sinus is commonly known to be created by the microorganisms. It is nothing but the cavity which by the side of nose allows the air to pass throughout and then it follows to the lungs. If this cavity gets trapped with the mucus and fails to be removed out of the organism, germs will stop accumulating and increasing a local disease ... Read on »
R001: Perfect Old Boyfriend Story by Rachel M. Patient Expert Posted Sat 04 Apr 2009 11:06pm A while ago, my friend told me that everyone has a perfect old boyfriend (girlfriend) story. First, I thought I don’t have any, then I realised I do have one. It was about 12 years ago. When the laptop I brought from Japan became very slow, I decided to buy a second hand computer. So I went to the nearest second hand shop and checked ou ... Read on »
Warning: Ickyness Ahead by LunaNik Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 3:38pm You see that lovely bit of goo up there? You see it?? Take a good look. That is what I cough up every morning since I quit smoking. Gross, no? Seriously, every morning I wake up coughing. Hard, deep, trying to expel a lung, coughing. And then, this little golden nugget of joy appears deep in my throat. ... Read on »
Tickle tickle.... by sawling Medical Doctor Posted Mon 07 Sep 2009 10:26pm A cough certainly takes a long time to heal! I developed this tickly dry cough last week...and it is still here. For the first time in many years, I've decided to spend some money on a cough mixture, like simple linctus. I would not say that it tasted was quite sweet actually. But it didnt really help to relieve my cough. T ... Read on »