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Confusing Health Advice in a Confusing World by Dr. Scott ND Naturopathic DoctorFacebook Posted Sun 19 Oct 2008 10:33am Confused? Do you find yourself scratching your head when you read the latest news? One headline suggests that coffee is good for you and the next reads that it is not good for you; another headline says alcohol is great for your health and then another tells you that it is not. What about a high protein diet, or a high carbohydrate diet, or ... Read on »
Confusing ConfusionBy LISA SANDE ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 07 Dec 2008 10:54am Confusing Confusion By LISA SANDERS, M.D. 07 dec 2008 1. SYMPTOMS The middle-aged man writhed on the gurney in the E.R. His eyes were squeezed shut. Low moans emerged from his parched lips. His sister and brother — the only members of his large Polynesian family who lived here in Portland, Ore. — tried to comfort him, but worry was etc ... Read on »
Sensory issues are not really that confusing, if we would only stop confusing them ourselves by Chris Alterio Occupational Therapist Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 8:57pm People are easily confused whenever someone talks about sensory integration or sensory processing, mostly because of confusing messages that are sent by occupational therapists regarding these issues. Confusion is evident in the public but it is also interesting evident among occupational therapists and researchers as well. There have been ... Read on »
Dazed and Confused Babies? The truth about Nipple Confusion... by Cheri Fraker Posted Wed 23 Apr 2008 12:00am Baby Friendly? The pacifier can be a powerful tool to help infants with feeding disorders. Our bias gets in the way of intelligent treatment plans. Medical research helps clarify garbage pail terms like 'nipple confusion.' A term like that tells me nothing as a feeding specialist about what is going on. Feeding Aversion is the same. Childre ... Read on »
Confused patients - and confused doctors ! by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 24 Oct 2011 11:04pm All good doctors know that medicine is not an exact science and there are often multiple options to treat a particular problem. It's very easy for a doctor to tell the patient what to do ( and this is something doctors are trained to do all the time), but often this is not in the patient's best interests. However, when the doctor tries to expl ... Read on »
Fusion, or conFusion? by Krys Kagan Posted Wed 27 Jun 2012 8:40pm This evening we had a lovely mix of flavors.  I made quinoa, topped it with pinto beans, fresh, chopped, kale, a homemade chipotle tomato sauce, and a spoonful of cilantro pesto.  It was so good.  I can’t wait to eat the leftovers.  The hubster said is this, “fusion, or conFusion?’  I said, “fusion, maybe.  ConFusion is leftover nigh ... Read on »
would rather by nike air rift sale prejudice confused without being proud of confused by adds294 Posted Mon 07 Jan 2013 2:14am could not help but make the achievement of your wisdom as his intellectual achievements put him happier effect as his credit. He will himself said: "I'm so smart, other people are fools." Sympathy for others, he may want to express contempt for them; glad that they might have their own very great ; he realized than their happiness when he might hav ... Read on »
Confused ? Confusing ? by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 18 Nov 2008 12:17am The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) presented the State of World population report 2005, and highlighted the fact that as a result of India’s high fertility rates ( at 2.92 in 2005 , we have one of the youngest populations in the world ) we are at a cusp of a demographic bonus because we have a higher proportion of working age people than ever befor ... Read on »
Anger, Confusion, Anger, Confusion by peggy L. Posted Thu 03 Dec 2009 4:15pm I am one pissed-off cancer chick. Meeting with Dr. Benson not good. Will report later when I can put some time and distance on it. Read on »
Confusing Hearing Test No Longer So Confusing by AimeeTheSuperMom Posted Wed 03 Mar 2010 7:09pm Liam got to visit Dr. Peters today. (CJ did, too, but there isn't really any news there. Honestly, no news is many times good news, right?) We discussed his hearing test from Monday that left us a little baffled about the results. Monday's bone conduction test showed that Liam might only have a mild/moderate hearing loss rather than a sever ... Read on »