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Natural Cures for Common Cold: Common Cold Management with Ayurveda Herbs by Dr Sonica Krishan Posted Mon 06 Dec 2010 10:44pm Ayurveda herbs come in handy for a number of ailments. Here are some easy home remedies that have been tried and tested for the common cold. Ayurveda herbs come handy for a number of ailments. There are some easy home remedies that are tried and tested for the hassling ailment of common cold. Read on »
Dear Fran: The Common Cold by FrancesRen Health Maven Posted Sun 16 Jan 2011 12:00am Written by admin on January 16, 2011 Dear Fran, Out of curiosity. Why does cold symptoms appear differently in everyone? For example, when we catch the flu, my husband always gets the sore thro ... Read on »
Kiwifruit Kicks the Common Cold by A4M Posted Fri 20 Jan 2012 10:13pm Posted on 2012-01-17 06:00:01 in Functional Foods | Infection Protection | Among the most widespread illnesses in the world, the common cold is estimated to be responsible f ... Read on »
Echinacea May Help to Prevent Common Cold by A4M Posted Sat 01 Dec 2012 10:08pm Posted on Nov. 28, 2012, 6 a.m. in Infectious Disease Botanical Agents Dietary Supplementation Echinacea - image from ... Read on »
Vitamin C May Help Reduce Incidence of Common Cold by A4M Posted Sat 09 Mar 2013 10:20pm Posted on March 6, 2013, 6 a.m. in Immune System Dietary Supplementation Infection Protection Vitamins ... Read on »
Natural Prevention and Treatment of The Common Cold and Flu by Mind Body Spirit .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 16 Dec 2011 2:11am Although it's possible to catch a cold or the flu during other seasons of the year, it's during the winter time that our chances increase tenfold.  Though many people get their recommended annual flu shot as the cold season approaches, many of us are unable to or choose not to go that route and prefer a natural method of prevention and remedy ... Read on »
Battle the Common Cold with New Cold-EEZE Oral Spray! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 05 Jan 2012 11:03am Often, when I feel the signs of a cold coming on, I jump into action to try to ward off those telltale symptoms before they erupt into full-blown misery. One step is to suck on a zinc throat lozenge, but I always dread the taste and feel of it in my mouth. So, I was thrilled to hear that Cold-EEZE has come up with a new oral spray! Just two s ... Read on »
Short Telomeres Linked to Risk for Common Cold by A4M Posted Wed 13 Mar 2013 10:25pm Posted on March 12, 2013, 6 a.m. in Infectious Disease Telomeres are the end caps of chromosomes, protecting the DNA complexes from deterioration during cell division. Telomere shortening is consid ... Read on »
How to get rid of a bad cold ? by Ahmad.H Posted Wed 19 Jan 2011 8:07pm Let's start our article by defining common cold. Common cold is a contagious viral infection of the nose and throat. It is usually a self-limited condition, which means that it resolves by itself without medications.  What are the symptoms of common cold ? Symptoms can vary from one person to another but it may include the following: run ... Read on »
Cut Short the Common Cold – Natural Health Remedies for Colds by Sandy H. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 21 Dec 2008 2:09pm There’s a good reason it’s called the common cold, ‘cause it’s one of the most common illnesses around. And the worst part is that it has no cure. So if you have a cold, the best you can do is take adequate rest, dose up with warm liquids, and wait it out. There are some doctors who may prescribe antibiotics to make sure you don’t catch other ... Read on »