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Our Coffee Nook and Upside down Coffee Break by Nanay's daughter Posted Mon 01 Aug 2011 7:39am Upside down Coffee Break - a real work of art So why do we introduce coffee to our body through the anus instead of just drinking it? The reason is introducing coffee through our anus directly causes it to be in contact with our colon without having our stomach, duodenum and small bowel to absorb all the nutrients before it reaches ... Read on »
You Want To Put That WHERE?! The Low Down and Not-So-Dirty Facts About How Coffee Enemas Can Improve Your Health by Tera W. Patient Expert Posted Sun 27 May 2012 8:06am Raw Food Recipes Raw Food Health Green Smoothies Tera Tidbits Success Stories Natural Beauty Care Uncategorized Podcasts Raw Food for Families WISH Summit 3 Weight Loss Secrets Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers Don't Want You To Know H ... Read on »
Enema Excerpt from "Healing the Gerson Way" by Robert S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 03 Feb 2009 1:22am In my October 2, 2007 entry, I mentioned the fact that enemas are not a cultural norm around these parts. Well, I found this excerpt from Charlotte Gerson's book "Healing the Gerson Way" to be very interesting. Generally speaking, any kind of enema introduces a substance into the rectum in order to empty the bowel, or to administer nutrients ... Read on »
How do you take your coffee? North or South? by lisakthrives Posted Mon 04 Jul 2011 10:44am It’s a beautiful Independence Day in Upstate NY. I’ve been out once already to get coffee. A few weeks ago, I stopped drinking coffee on weekdays, but then I started again while I was in California (or maybe a few days before that, because I knew that would happen anyway). I had also been following a rule that I could only drink coffee if ... Read on »
healthtalks – Episode 2, coffee enemas! (yup – we went there) by Natalie K. Posted Mon 15 Oct 2012 4:34pm   From L to R – Mel, myself and Jess.  Gotta love the cheeky giggles on our faces! Our second Healthtalks clip is up! And today Jess Ainscough is sharing about coffee enemas! (YES… she demonstrates how in a VERY discrete & tasteful way) I have to admit, I was a bit 'iffy' about this topic.  Of course, I know why an emema can be a ... Read on »
A Candid Colon-Cleansing Conversation by Andrea Fabry Patient Expert Posted Mon 29 Aug 2011 8:46am Colon cleansing via enema has been around for thousands of years. Cleansing the colon is mentioned in ancient writings of the Chinese, the Romans, and the Greeks. European kings benefitted from regular enemas. King Louis XIV had almost 2,000 enemas in his lifetime and stayed healthy throughout. In the 1900s, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (of Kellogg ... Read on »
Coffee and fertility? You be the judge by Marie L. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 9:10pm Anyone remember that Woody Allen movie Sleeper? Where Allen is a health food store owner transported Rip Van Winkle-like into the future and he finds out that everything he thought was healthy was bad for him, and vice versa? Early in my fertility research, coffee (and caffeine) kept coming up as one of the first things to eliminate in a fe ... Read on »
6 Delicious and Beneficial Alternatives to Kick Your Coffee Habit by Tera W. Patient Expert Posted Sun 02 Jun 2013 1:12pm Uncategorized Community Health & Beauty Personal Organization Sustainability How to Heal Blemishes, Acne, Skin Discoloration and Scars Naturally My Emergency Rescue Protocol for Puffy-Eyed Mornings When I Wake Up Feeling Like Crap Do The Beet T ... Read on »
The Color of Transparency: My Health Consultation with Dr. Ritamarie by Tera W. Patient Expert Posted Mon 11 Jan 2010 1:27pm I’m sitting here nibbling on dried mission figs and sun-dried tomatoes. Strange combination, I admit. Technically, both of these food items are “breaking the rules” of my new suggested foods list. As I prepare for the 6-Week Detox, the list of foods I’ll be weaning myself off of is long, but since today is the first real day of getting started, ... Read on »
Healing as a Lifestyle by Andrea Fabry Patient Expert Posted Fri 19 Aug 2011 7:58pm Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. – Hippocrates Once I began to understand that detoxification is a lifelong process, I slowly integrated detoxifying regimens into my daily life. Here is my typical morning routine. 1. Air Mattress My day begins by finding the floor at the foot of our air mat ... Read on »