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Protecting Your Children’s Teeth, Part 1 by Dawn Gifford aka Small Footprint Mama Posted Wed 08 Jul 2009 11:44am My husband and I have a history of lots of painful dental work and orthodonture, and both of us have mouthfuls of toxic mercury fillings we wish we had had an alternative for when we were young. (Dating ourselves here, I guess!). Now that Babyzilla has 8 teeth, we are particularly concerned that they remain healthy, straight and strong. To ... Read on »
How to Exclude Jaw Crusher Failure by dreamwangping19 Posted Wed 21 Nov 2012 5:33am The causes that jaw crusher host suddenly shut down: 1) The discharge opening is clogged and gland; 2) The drive slot triangle belt of crusher rotating is too loose, causing the belt slipping; 3) The tight set of eccentric shaft sleeve is loose in the fertility gap between the frame and the two sides, and the eccentric shaft not rotat ... Read on »
How Are Boils Formed And The Differnt Forms by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Mar 2009 3:17pm What are boils Boils are red, swollen tender bump or bumps that are under the skin. They can also be considered an overgrown pimple because this is what it resembles. Boils are usually caused by infected hair follicles. The bacteria from the infection cause an abscess or a pocket of puss, which can become enlarged and very painful . ... Read on »
Been a while by tamircasper Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 9:34am Time is flying by soo fast. We went to Holyoke for Halloween, we had a great time. Josie and Paige played so good together! I feel very blessed that they have each other! Sweet Josie even wore her Landon's Hope shirt from the walk. She is sweet! I got to watch Sarah fall asleep in my arms. That girl has a smile brighter than the sun! Was gr ... Read on »
Health Tips for January 22 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Thu 21 Jan 2010 9:00pm Health Tip: Caring for Acne-Prone Skin The exact cause of acne isn't understood, but the American Academy of Dermatology says four factors are involved: too much oil, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation. The academy offers these skin-care suggestions designed to help manage acne: Gently clean your face one or two ... Read on »
I’ve Got A Stye In My Eye And I Think I’m Going To Cry! by k Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 9:58am Ever heard that before? If not, I’m sure sometime in your life you’ve got a stye in your eye. Whether it made you cry or not is your business. I have had them before but this one seemed to bother me more than any previous stye’s have before because it’s lasted a few days and got worse. It’s not bad enough to make me cry, but my eye was a bit wa ... Read on »
Natural Health Remedies for Acne by Doris C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sat 15 May 2010 8:47am There are lots of talk about how we can use natural health remedies to remove acne. Some remedies may be effective but for those with serious acne problems, it is likely that they would find that natural remedies may not work all that well for them. Apart from diet and other genetic issues, there are some simple steps you can take to ... Read on »
So Much to Learn by Shanna O. Posted Wed 08 Jul 2009 11:44am I am digging into the research I found for my upcoming e-book and finding so many interesting things. I thought I would share a bit of what I've learned so far and what I plan to learn. Mullein helps with draining lymph glands and is good for the lungs. It came up the most in my research for helping with lung conditions during a cold or flu. ... Read on »
An over due update by cancerisnotanoption Posted Thu 24 Jun 2010 8:00pm I apologize for not keeping this blog current or updating in a few months. Since we came home life has been trying to get back to normal and I have sort of stepped away from all things "cancer" or "leukemia" related and sadly that has included blogging. I have started a new post so many times but not finished or published them. It seemed overwhel ... Read on »