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CliffsNotes Are Now Available as Humorous Animated Short Films! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Sat 05 Nov 2011 6:41pm Students have been using CliffsNotes books for more than 50 years to learn more about some of literature’s great works. Now CliffsNotes are branching out into the world of video! I love their humorous animated features of Shakespeare’s classics: Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Othello, Hamlet, and Macbeth. If you’v ... Read on »
Life Lately: The Cliff's Notes Version by Megan @ On The Road Again Posted Mon 04 Jun 2012 5:39pm I don't know who the hell Cliff actually is, but I can say that he's going to give one mighty helping hand to this post. As an English teacher, I often lament that students rely too much on that old yellow-and-black striped bastard, but we're going to go with it for now because A) I've been largely absent from this here blog and need to catch ... Read on »
Angeles Crest 100 - Cliff Notes by Will C. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Jul 2011 7:08pm Here is my brief take on last weekend with more to follow... What a course! Just when you feel like letting loose it roles you up again in a wad and spits you out! The hiking, oh the hiking! Relentless climbs. Started out very conservative in 44th place and slowly made my way to 11th overall, but short of a sub 24 hour time. Not disappointed ... Read on »
Things I’m Lovin’ Thursday: Cliff Notes Edition {2-09-2012} by Running the Windy City Posted Thu 09 Feb 2012 10:17pm My goal is to finish up a presentation for tomorrow, pack, and get in bed at a reasonable hour tonight so I’m going to have to keep this post short. Here is what I’m lovin’ right now. I’m lovin’ having to be creative in the kitchen in order to use up all of the fresh veggies (read: kale), before going out of town tomorrow. I ... Read on »
Slow Food Cliff Notes by C. L. Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:17pm While CNN may have been distracted by some political events taking place in Denver and Minneapolis, all eyes in the locavore world were on San Francisco this past weekend, where Slow Food Nation attempted to show the world what eating real food means. Slow Food International was founded in Italy as a protest to the country’s first McDonald’ ... Read on »
CLIFF NOTES by Karen M. Patient Expert Posted Tue 03 Feb 2009 1:10am Training going good with only 5 weeks until Steelhead HIM Weekend workouts : Sat. Brick= 36 mile bike & 30 min. run / Sun 8 mile run MIL in hospital -everything is checking out OK. Leaving for Ohio to pick up my dad to spend the week with us here. Hooch survived 18th birthday in Chicago Waddling to Ohio.............. ... Read on »
ITU Long Course Worlds Cliffs Notes by -Brandon Posted Fri 28 Aug 2009 8:19pm Left on Wednesday about noon from the house. Got to Lorient almost exactly 24 hours later. Trains, planes, and automobiles were involved. In France. They eat a lot of bread and cheese. I don't like cheese. Race day was Sunday. Had a good swim with the lead pack. Transition was good. Rode well, lost a couple of minutes to a few of ... Read on »
Legislative "Cliff Notes": The Difference Between House and Senate Health Reform Bills by Rich Elmore Patient Expert Posted Tue 22 Dec 2009 9:10pm Tomorrow 60 senators expect to vote out their version of the health care reform bill. Then comes the Conference Committee to resolve the many differences, while preserving the narrower Senate margin needed for final passage. The Division of Legislative Counsel for the AMA has assembled a Health System Reform Legislative Summary Chart of Major ... Read on »
The CliffsNotes Guide to Parenting by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert Posted Sun 17 Jan 2010 10:02pm by Vanessa Van Petten Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin If I had to boil all of the parenting advice teens tell me they wish their parents knew, here is what ... Read on »
A Cliff-Notes version of the last two weeks by Liz B. Posted Fri 20 Feb 2009 12:00am In the operating room, the last thing I said to Dr. Llaguno before losing consciousness was, “What up, Llaguno!” Surgery was easy and I feel fine. If you were hanging out with me right now you'd say, “Wow! You look great!” Watch my video blog 48-hours after surgery I was told that if I had this surgery I would ex ... Read on »