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Being a Christian with Mental Illness ~ STIGMA!!! by Clueless C. Health Maven Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 11:55pm May be, triggering. Do not read, if you cannot handle church related issues. Please do not try because it triggered me!! Most of you by now know that I am a Christian. Now, I don't want this to turn anyone off to Christianity because we all know there is stigma everywhere and this does not exclude the church, in fact, I think ... Read on »
"A Brain-Based Psychotherapy Approach Makes Significant Strides Forward in 2013" Announces by the Center for Emotional Restruc by Press Release L. Facebook Posted Fri 17 Jan 2014 4:27am Greenville, South Carolina, January 17, 2014 - Over the past 13 months, Dr. Robert A. Moss has authored 4 peer-reviewed articles and 2 other professional articles on a comprehensive brain model and its applications to the understanding and treatment of psychological problems. In addition, he made paper presentations in association with three of his ... Read on »
Spiritual Psychotherapy: A Course In Miracles by Walter Jacobson Posted Sun 01 Aug 2010 10:04pm CLICK ON THE PODCAST BELOW to listen to a brief discussion of A Course In Miracles. A Course In Miracles has similarities to Zen Buddhism in its use of meditation as a path to enlightenment. At the same time, it focuses on principles of The Sermon On The Mount (Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Love) and utilizes Christian terminology. Nonethel ... Read on »
Counselling/Talk therapy/Psychotherapy by Nancie .. Patient Expert Posted Sat 13 Sep 2008 11:49pm Actually, besides medication, counselling / talk therapy / psychotherapy / Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most important tools for a person with bipolar or depression to get well. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is a form counselling with a focus on understanding how our thoughts affect our behaviours.Bipolar alte ... Read on »
Depression and Christianity by Atlanta Mom .. Patient Expert Posted Thu 09 Jul 2009 5:21pm Biological depression is as prevalent among Christians as it is among the general population, however it often goes undiagnosed due to erroneous views held by many in the church regarding the cause of depression. In her book on Spurgeon’s struggle with depression, Elizabeth Skoglund notes: With the advent of Freud in the early twentieth centu ... Read on »
Christians and Verbal First Aid by VerbalFirstAid Posted Tue 02 Feb 2010 9:30am   Traditional or fundamental Christians have had issues with hypnosis before. Verbal First Aid is a form of hypnotic communication. Can they be true to their faith and use  Verbal First Aid? I believe Christians can use Verbal First Aid to benefit their own health and the health of their loved ones and stay faithful to scripture and s ... Read on »
Christian counselor’s attempt to cure gay man was 'malpractice' - In The News - Springhill Group Counselling by springhillgroup Posted Wed 20 Mar 2013 6:17am A gay man was tried to be converted to become heterosexual, his Christian psychotherapist found guilty of professional misconduct. Lesley Pilkington, a Christian psychotherapist, was condemned by the professional body for counselors subsequent to an undercover journalist posing as a patient furtively recorded her during a therapy session ... Read on »
PsychoTherapy Networker & IITAP: From Isolation to Connections by Chuck Medical Doctor Posted Tue 16 Sep 2008 4:56am Two Meetings, both with similar themes and with many innovative new directions: International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionalsin Scottsdale - hosted by recovery luminary and international  addiction expert Pat Carnes PhD, and  his remarkable team, and - Psychotherapy Networker >3000 attendees at the Shoreham in DC - host ... Read on »
A hymn, fingerpainting, blogging, journaling, plans & laughter!! by Clueless C. Health Maven Posted Fri 16 Jan 2009 2:17am Well, this is a MEME, that I couldn't pass up when I saw it on Change Therapy by Isabella Mori. It’s really simple – if you want to be interviewed by someone who’s participating, just let them know, and they’ll send you five questions. that’s what Isabella did and she was gave me some great questions. That really made me think. So here they are ... Read on »
Is phone psychotherapy more effective? by GoToSee Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 24 Sep 2008 12:23pm Telephone psychotherapy sessions are becoming more commonplace and new research suggests it may be more effective that face-to-face appointments. The study showed that patients are less likely to drop out of their psychotherapy treatment when talking to their psychotherapist over the phone than those who attend a session in person. According ... Read on »