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Do I Need Cholesterol Medication? Is My Cholesterol High? The Simple Truth. by Davis Liu Medical Doctor Posted Fri 01 Oct 2010 12:25am 1 Comment The New York Times recently ran a piece that wondered if doctors were treating patients with cholesterol lowering medication unnecessarily because a web-based calculator over estimated a person's risk.  The program was proudly sponsored by the pharmaceutical roundtable and was available at the American Heart Association. The implication was ... Read on »
Seven Tips to Fix Your Cholesterol Without Medication by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 28 Jan 2011 2:40pm THE SINGULAR FOCUS on treating cholesterol as a means to prevent heart attacks is leading to the deaths of millions of people because the real underlying cause of the majority of heart disease is not being diagnosed or treated by most physicians. For example, I recently saw a patient named Jim who had “normal” cholesterol levels yet was taking ... Read on »
Phil Normalizes His Blood Pressure, No More Cholesterol Medications by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor Posted Mon 10 Aug 2009 10:07pm We’ve seen a lot of people benefit from Dr. Fuhrman’s program, like Steve. He beat his diabetes and lost weight. Agatha too! She trimmed down and ditched her pills. Now get a load of Phil. Today, his blood pressure is normal and he doesn’t need his cholesterol medications: I read Eat to Live by coincidence. Just picked it up off the book ... Read on »
What role cholesterol medication? by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 8:26pm A frequent conversation point among my patients, as well as participants in the program, is "Are cholesterol medications really necessary?" No, they are not. What IS necessary is to correct all manifest and hidden causes of coronary plaque. Among these causes, in my view, is LDL cholesterol of 60 mg/dl or greater. T ... Read on »
50-year-old cholesterol medication makes a comeback? by Heartstrong Registered NurseFacebook Posted Mon 07 Dec 2009 6:41pm  A recent cholesterol trial called ARBITER 6-HALTS was discussed at the American Heart Association national meeting and published in the New England Journal of Medicine last month. Three hundred and sixty three men and women with known heart disease or vascular disease were enrolled in this study. All of the patients LDL (bad) cholesterol lev ... Read on »
Problems With Cholesterol Medication? by Corry C. Patient Expert Posted Wed 03 Apr 2013 8:08am I was not aware of this; 1 out of 4 Americans age 45 and up is taking a cholesterol-lowering medication. I am no exception to the rule, but since my prescription calls for an extremely low dose I don't experience any of the side-effects which many other users do. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are classified as statins. Their properties protect us f ... Read on »
How do doctors come to recommend and prescribe cholesterol medications for which there are no proven benefits? by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 15 Nov 2013 12:32am Traditionally, cholesterol management has been based on the concept that blood cholesterol levels should be below a certain level. Sometimes, taking a statin drug may be adjudged to have not reduced cholesterol sufficiently. Some people do not tolerate statin drugs. In these sorts of circumstances, someone may be offered another drug to reduce ... Read on »
Trends in High LDL Cholesterol, Cholesterol-Lowering Medication Use, and Dietary Saturated-Fat Intake by Medline Plus Posted Thu 28 Mar 2013 6:48pm Source: National Center for Health Statistics Related MedlinePlus Pages: Cholesterol , Dietary Fats Read on »
Prescription Medications under Attack-Do Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Lowering Medications Make Sense? by Gina Nick Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:04pm The saying goes that they call it “practicing medicine” for a reason-because doctors don’t have all the answers when it comes to supporting your health and vitality. Case in point…most allopathic doctors prescribe medications as a first line therapy for treating disease. Now major pharmaceutical drugs are coming under attack, questioning ... Read on »
Lower Your Cholesterol Without Taking Medications! by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Wed 24 Aug 2011 6:30am There once was a time when it was considered normal to have a total cholesterol of 300mg/dL.  However, like the dodo bird, that time has long since passed.  With the release of multiple studies, starting with the Framingham Heart Study, we've lowered and lowered our target goals.  Initially, our armamentarium was rather limited but graduall ... Read on »