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Chocolate-The Good, The Bad And The Ugly by Heidi .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 3:44pm Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I can't think of many things much better. This was actually a post I wrote a couple of months ago but as I was a new blog back then and did not have many readers I thought that I would publish it again because discussing the benefits of chocolate is high on my priority list. I mean even if you are one of t ... Read on »
Chocolate Lovers Rejoice!! Just In Time For Valentines Day-Chocolate Pros! MMMM!! Woohoo! by Heidi .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Feb 2010 6:41pm Just In Time For Valentines Day! Chocolate Lovers Rejoice!!!! Does it get any better than this really? Harvard researchers recently found that cocoa flavanols (protective substances that are also abundant in dark chocolate) help improve blood flow to the brain, which could slow the mental decline that occurs as you age. Surely this is ... Read on »
CHOCOLATE-THE GOOD,THE BAD AND THE UGLY by Heidi .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 9:45pm I love chocolate!! I mean that I really, really love chocolate, so I decided to find out a little bit more about the the good and the bad to know what I was up against. Life without chocolate for me would be dark indeed so I am glad to see that there are some terrific benefits. Chocolate Pros **If you eat ... Read on »
Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Redone by Manda K. Patient Expert Posted Thu 24 Sep 2009 10:01pm P ancakes and I have a special relationship. When Phillip and I were first dating, we would eat out at IHOP 80% of the time. In fact, it was either IHOP or Subway. Honestly, I could live off of pancakes. I miss them dearly. It’s just a pan in the butt to make them or I just don’t feel like it or I don’t have the time. When I do, however, I make cer ... Read on »
Chocolate Truffles VIDEO (vegan, dairy free, and dare I say healthy?) by Camilla S. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 2:51pm 3 Comments Visit my Youtube Channel to watch a video demo of this recipe: CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES VIDEO A bittersweet chocolate truffle with a healthy profile? It sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t. Here’s how it all began. Over a one-month period last summer, I (willingly) slipped into an ice cr ... Read on »
Paleo Chocolate-Sunflower Butter-Banana Smoothie by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 14 May 2014 7:38pm Thought I'd post another recipe we made up for our Paleo/anti-candida diet. This has become a favorite at our house. My son especially loves these, and my husband and I eat them frequently, too. I sometimes have this for breakfast or for lunch. My son also likes them as a between-meal snack because our dietician told him to eat more frequently an ... Read on »
Strawberry dessert cake with strawberry cream by Jo UK Posted Tue 02 Jul 2013 8:56am My weekend was all about sunshine… and strawberries! Strawberry time is now in full swing over here in the UK… what with the sunshine finally out in the skies and the Wimbledon tennis on the TV there's just no denying it! I love any opportunity to get outside spend time in the sunshine (or even rain) and in particular spend time with fri ... Read on »
Lactose intolerance diet by Peter C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 23 Oct 2008 6:33pm Normal people absorb 90 over percent of milk's lactose (milk sugar) while those with lactose intolerance absorb only 25 to 60% of the milk sugar. The rest lingers in the colon and ferments, causing abdominal pain, bloating, excess gas and diarrhea. What to do if you are lactose intolerant? For one, you can avoid milk. Another is to take yogh ... Read on »
Chocolate Review, Service Appointment Woes, Handling Protein by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Fri 09 Apr 2010 4:42pm TGIF!  How's your day going?  Mine started off with a dental teeth cleaning appointment gone wacky.  I went to the dentist 4 months ago and mentioned at that time that I was less than impressed with the office.  However, because they already had all my paperwork on file, and I didn't feel like doing new patient paperwork and driving all over in ... Read on »
Gluten Intolerance–Feb 2011 G-Free Newsletter by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician Posted Thu 10 Feb 2011 3:03pm The Wild and Wacky World of Gluten Intolerance Unless you’re living in a bubble, you’ve heard about plenty people who do not have Celiac disease, and yet report all sorts of positive health improvements a gluten-free diet.  While for some it is obviously a just a fad, we’ll discuss what the research is on non-Celiac gluten sensitivity ... Read on »