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AMAZING GRASS CHOCOLATE DRINK POWDER, GREEN SUPERFOOD, 15 COUNT PACKETS by Jessie Posted Wed 16 Mar 2011 12:01am Our Chocolate Green SuperFood is a scrumptious chocolate drink powder to help you attain your five to 9 each day servings of fruits and vegetables. A full spectrum of alkalizing green super foods, antioxidant wealthy fruits, and support herbs unite with organic Acai, Maca and Cacao to offer a powerful dose of complete food nutrition with a d ... Read on »
Winn-Dixie Recalls Instant Chocolate Drink Mix Sold in Florida by FDA Posted Fri 24 Jan 2014 6:41pm Winn-Dixie today announced an immediate recall of the 30 oz. canister of Winn-Dixie Instant Chocolate Drink Mix, with expiration date code of JUL 14 15B, from shelves in all stores throughout Florida. The recall does not affect stores in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi. Read on »
You Can Have Your Chocolate & Drink It Too! by DitcihngDiets Posted Wed 30 Nov 2011 5:22pm Dark chocolate is heart healthy because it contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are anti-aging and cancer protective properties. Studies have shown that eating a small bar of dark chocolate everyday will help with reducing your blood pressure as well as your LDL cholesterol. Dark chocolate stimul ... Read on »
Chocolate Milk Drink Boosts Post Exercise Recovery by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 16 Sep 2011 9:09am Image by majcher There are so many sports drinks on the market these days, which are supposed to help you with your workout, especially afterwards. The reason for this is you want to get sufficient supplements in your body in order to repair the muscle tissue, which has just been broken down. However, do we really need to spend lo ... Read on »
Product Review: Shamrock Farms Rockin’ Refuel™ Chocolate Recovery Drink (He said - He said) by KovasP Posted Wed 07 Jul 2010 12:00am Thanks to Shamrock Farms  and Adam Belmont of Current PR , I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Shamrock Farms Rockin’ Refuel™ Chocolate Recovery Drink. I received 2 bottles, which are 354 ml each. Street value is about $1.39 per bottle. Patrick: Hi everyone, it's Patrick from The Road. Since I also received 2 bottles o ... Read on »
Amazing Chocolate Milk Drink for Kids: X Balance by Rachel M. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jul 2010 8:31pm Going through the drive through at Starbucks with your kids?! How many of you buy chocolate milk for your kids?   Kids love chocolate milk!  Something about the brown cow and 50 grams (?!!) of sugar will make any kid jump in circles! My kids and I have had the amazing pleasure of sampling X Balance Total Nutrition Drink Mix!! It’ ... Read on »
Kashi Company Recalls Kashi GOLEAN Powder Chocolate Energy Drink by Heather C. Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Jan 2009 6:02pm Kashi is recalling GOLEAN Powder Chocolate Energy Shake Mix due to undeclared milk.  The product is packaged in a 14.8oz canister with a bar code 18627 71000. Canisters with a use by date between January 17, 2009 and November 15, 2009 are included in the recall. For more information click here: Kashi Company Recalls Kashi GOLEAN Energy Shake ... Read on »
Expensive Chocolate Toddler Drink Has Blogger Moms Screaming by Vickie Patient Expert Posted Thu 06 May 2010 10:47am Newspaper articles, nutritionists, and blogger moms this past week are all rising up against a new product that hit the shelves a couple of months ago. A transitional type formula from Mead Johnson Nutritional Co., that's flavored with vanilla or chocolate, and packed with 19 grams of sugar per serving. Low carb advocates all know what that ... Read on »
“Frisked for Chocolate and Fizzy Drinks” by Carly K. Patient Expert Posted Wed 15 Oct 2008 11:51am by Rebecca Puhl Efforts to reduce weight stigma appear to be needed in the UK as much as they are here in North America. Last week, health expert and Chairman of the Child Growth Foundation Tam Fry from the National Obesity Forum in the UK announced his idea that obese children should be removed from their families and placed into care, and th ... Read on »